Video Interview Software: Pre-Employment Testing tool

In the current scenario, when work from home is becoming new normal among businesses around the world to stop the spread of coronavirus, hiring industries are also adopting measures to maintain their recruitment process without stepping out. Jobma recruiting software provides a virtual platform to the hiring team to keep their hiring on track without face-to-face contact with the candidates. It allows the hiring team to screen a lot of candidates quickly and select few talented among them for the final round of the interview, which saves both the time and resources of the businesses.

Jobma also acts as a pre-employment testing software and helps the recruitment team in much more accurate, efficient, and time-bound hiring. It helps the hiring team to assess the potential of the candidates for the role while initial screening process, and make it easy for the hiring managers to decide over a candidate. 

Jobma a Pre-Employment Testing Tool

Jobma is a great recruiting tool, among many others, in this category. It lets a hiring team continue its recruitment process sitting at home without any travel and enables them to assess a candidate’s ability for the role. Jobma provides an opportunity for a hiring team to analyse not only the document-based qualification of the candidates but also, their verbal and non-verbal expression and temperament. Here let’s see the role of Jobma as an efficient pre-employment tool:

Help to select a highly productive workforce: Jobma ensures structured hiring by building a permanent database of the candidates who appeared for the interview, which helps the hiring managers to select the most eligible person for the role.  It also lets a hiring team review and compare the answers of the various candidates with each other for the satisfaction as many times as they want. 

Improve employee retention: Jobma video interviewing software enables a hiring team to conduct a comprehensive interview and select the best-fit candidate for the role, which ensures quality hire and maximum retention of the employees in the company. Such well-planned hiring saves the tremendous amount of investment of the businesses on recruitment and training of the employees, as the surveys state that replacing an entry-level employee cost 16 % of its annual salary.

Improve the hiring process: there is a well-known phrase in the hiring industry ‘Hire fast Grow fast,’ which means it is very much essential to maintain your hiring quick and short. Jobma recruiting tool will help you to achieve the goal of Hire & Grow fast with the help of its cutting-edge automated features.

As you can see, Jobma is a useful video recruiting software that can make hiring modern, travel-free, safe, and tech-savvy. It can also allow you to assess the candidates’ verbal and nonverbal expression and select the most eligible candidate among them for the role.

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