The Future of Hiring is Digital

Jobma's digital interviewing platform saves you time and money by letting you screen candidates virtually

Video Interview

One way video interviewing

Screen potential candidates based off of their personality, not just a paper resume. Effortlessly invite potential candidates and share their responses with your hiring team, all from one easy to use platform.

  • Set up think time and retake limits to make each question more engaging.
  • Invite candidates through email, text or an open interview link.
  • Share interviews with stake holders while choosing to hide or show candidate details.
  • Integrate Jobma with your ATS, HRMS or any other analytical tool to add seamless video interviewing to your hiring process.
  • Set up custom rating parameters, tags and comments to get more feedback from your team.
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Live video interviewing

Jobma allows you to use a dedicated recruitment tool to conduct live video interviews.

  • Record, review & evaluate interviews as a team.
  • Let candidates schedule video interviews with our built in scheduling.
  • Brand the interview experience to make it an extension of your online presence.
  • Set up and take part in panel interviews.
  • Integrate with your Outlook or Gmail calendar to never miss an interview.
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Video Interview

Written, multiple choice & audio assessments

Assess and narrow down potential candidates by including open ended questions, multiple choice questions and audio questions in your interview kits.

  • Mix & match the type of questions you want the candidate to answer in an interview.
  • Use multiple choice questions to easily categorize candidates based on availability, capability, or requirements.
  • Ask open ended, essay form questions to gain understanding of candidate's capabilities.
  • Set up asynchronous audio interviews.
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Video Interview

Collaborative hiring

Make hiring decisions as a team, by sharing interview responses with your colleagues, allowing them to give their feedback on potential hires.

  • Control access to a candidates interview by either creating an open link or inviting your team members through email.
  • Set up rating parameters, tags and comments to get detailed feedback from stake holders.
  • Chose if you want to share or hide candidate contact details when sharing an interview.
  • Use powerful branding tools to customize the evaluation page.
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