JOBMA Video Resume FAQs
What is JOBMA?+
Why should I use JOBMA?+
What Does JOBMA Cost?+
Employer questions
How does Jobma fit into my hiring workflow?+
How does video interviewing address discrimination?+
My hiring process involves multiple people from my company. How will that fit in with Jobma?+
I already have Skype, how would this be different?+
Do candidates really like video interviews?+
What if a candidate doesn’t have a webcam available with them?+
How do I register?+
Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can post?+
Are Employers required to post video too?+
How do I monitor the jobs I have posted?+
Candidate questions
What do I need to take part in video interviews?+
I don’t have a webcam. How do I take part in the video interview?+
What if I run into technical issues while recording my video?+
How do I create a video resume?+
I have never created a video resume or taken part in video interviews. Do you have any tips?+
Do I need an account to view job opportunities?+
If I fill out my profile completely, do I still need to upload my resume?+
Do I need to post a video?+
Can I upload multiple Video Resumes?+
What recommendations do you have for shooting a Video Resume?+
How can I increase my profile views?+
Will my contact information be sold to any third parties?+
What is the difference between Basic Membership and Premium Membership?+
I have concerns around confidentiality of my profile.+
I just registered on JOBMA as a Premium Member. What's next?+
I just registered on JOBMA under the Basic Membership. What's next?+
I have not received an email verification link. Please help.+
I am based out of India and currently earning in foreign currency. Can I register on JOBMA?+
I need help with creating my JOBMA account. Who do I contact?+
My Premium Membership is about to expire. What happens if I do not wish to renew my Membership?+
How do I renew my Premium Membership?+
Why do you require my mobile number?+
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