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Our video interview software comes equipped with ethical AI and user-friendly features to prevent unconscious bias, standardize hiring, and save employers' time.

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AI Proctoring

We understand that sometimes you don't need an invigilator to be online with candidates. To that end, Jobma’s remote proctoring solution eliminates the need for a person to be online at the point of the interview or examination. Our AI-based functionalities make online video interviews effortless and fair.

How Our AI proctoring works?

Our cutting edge AI-powered proctoring system functions as an always present proctor during online video interviewing without intruding upon the personal space of candidates.

During the evaluation process of the online video interview, our ground breaking video interview software will automatically provide you with additional data points you need to ensure that the video interviewing that took place was done without any unfair means of gaining an advantage.

Jobma’s AI-Powered Proctoring Solution can help you with data points like:

  • Device and location
  • Multiple faces
  • Active window tracking
  • Copy and paste
  • Time taken per question
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Live Proctoring

Our cutting-edge way of Live, web-based proctoring delivers all the necessary components to create an ideal test taking environment for your candidates.

Through live proctoring, you can invigilate real-time video interviews and are promptly notified when a candidate requests aid or triggers actions that you might consider unfair. Additional online video interview conferencing tools are unnecessary, as Invigilators can communicate with candidates via chat, issue warnings, share screens and even terminate interviews on demand with the click of a button.

For exceptionally important job roles & video interviews, management roles, and pre-employment screenings, Jobma’s Live Proctoring solution is the most secure choice for online assessments.

Our Online Video Interview software comes with inbuilt AI Features, which include:

  • Multiple face detection
  • Mobile device detection
  • Active window-switching detection
  • Copy and paste flagging
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Transcribe Online Video Interview using Jobma

We use cutting edge, AI powered, automated transcription technology to ensure that the online video interviews done using Jobma are transcribed with exceptionally high accuracy.

Jobma’s AI transcription can not only give you accurate transcripts of a candidates responses but it can also provide you with searchable text and match the transcript with the candidates voice on the screen.

Using Jobma’s Online Transcription tool, you can effortlessly search, edit, and share your candidate’s response transcripts. Your online video interviews will now have fast, accurate, and affordable transcripts built in.

Our Online Transcription service includes

  • Fast interview transcription
  • High accuracy of transcripts
  • Synchronized audio and text
  • Secure online platform with enterprise-grade protocols
  • A cost-effective online transcription tool
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