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$1 per interview

$199 Annual setup fee.

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No contracts, affordable and transparent pricing

No hidden costs
No monthly minimum commitment
Only pay for completed interviews
ATS and job board integration
Sharing and collaboration tools
Unlimited job postings
Company branding with video
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Frequently asked questions

How long are my video interviews available to me?

Your video interviews are available to you for 12 months as long as your subscription is active. If you still want us to keep your video interviews available to you after your subscription expires or for longer than 12 months, contact our support team and they will offer you a solution.

Once your annual subscription is active, you can set up a monthly billing plan to pay for your usage. In that scenario we track your usage and bill you every 30 days based on how many video interviews you have consumed.
Or you can opt for a “pre paid” billing plan where you add interview credits (at $1 per credit) as and when you need them. You can also switch between the two billing methods whenever you want.

Jobma already integrates with several Applicant Tracking Systems and chances are your ATS might already be one of them. If that is not the case, we will build an integration with your ATS for you (as long as it's feasible) at no additional cost to you.

You only pay for a candidate’s video interview once. So, there is no limit on how many times you can view a candidate’s video interview once you have paid for it. You (and your sub accounts) can view that video interview as often as you want to. You can also share it with as many people as you like.

No worries, contact our support team and they will sort that out for you.

You can pay via Credit Card, Paypal or a Bank transfer. We also accept other alternative modes of payment, you can contact our sales team at to find a method that works best for you.

There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post or the number of video interviews you can create when your subscription is active. You can also activate and deactivate any jobs you have created at any time you chose to.

Since you pay based on your usage, in most scenarios a refund isn’t applicable. However if you feel dissatisfied with anything in particular please contact our support team and we will see how we can set things right for you. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Have a question not answered here? Contact us and we will provide you with an answer.