One-Way Video Interviewing

One-Way Video Interviewing allows you to create an interview and send it out to as many candidates as you like. Watch and review their responses with your team to save time and money screening a much larger pool of candidates.


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How One-Way Video Interviewing Works

Step 1

Create an Interview

The first step to one-way video interviewing is to create your interview kit. Here you will add the questions you wish to ask your candidates. You are able to ask them video, audio recorded, multiple choice and essay questions. You can also control the think time, answer duration, and number of retakes the candidate is allocated for each question.

Step 2

Invite Candidates

Once you have completed your interview kit you are ready to send it out to your potential candidates. You are able to send it out in bulk, to individual candidates, or post it on a job board.

Step 3

Candidates Complete Interview

The candidate will receive (a customizable) email in their inbox requesting that they complete the interview. It will include a link to the interview, where they will be guided through our user friendly process from their computer or smart phone.

Step 4

Review & Evaluate

Once the candidate has completed the interview, you are ready to review and evaluate the candidate. You are able to rate them on the parameters of your choosing, leave comments and rewatch as many times as needed.

Step 5

Collaborate with Team

When you share the interview with your hiring team, they are able to view and leave ratings. You and your team can compare your thoughts and opinions to make the best hiring decision as a team.

Step 6

Final Hiring Decision

Once you have narrowed down your candidate list, you are able to invite candidates to a live video interview, or inform your top choice that they have been selected!

Think Time & Retakes

Set up Think time and Retake limits to make each question more engaging.


Invite candidates to complete the interview through Email, Text or an open interview link.


Share the interview results with your hiring team & stake holders, while choosing to hide or show candidate details.


Integrate Jobma with your ATS, HRMS or any other analytical tool to add seamless video interviewing to your hiring process.

Custom Rating

Set up Custom rating parameters, Tags and comments to get more feedback from your team.

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