How Does Video Interview Software Work in Efficient Hiring?

How Does Video Interview Software Work in Efficient Hiring?

Virtual interviews have become more popular in the recruitment industry. Almost every company has integrated the Video Interview into their hiring process. Conducting virtual interviews are how HR managers find additional details about a candidate.

During live video interviews, the candidate and recruiter will join the meeting at the same date and time. Once both the parties are connected to the video interview software, they will be ready to begin the interview process.

A pre-recorded interview is another popular option for conducting virtual interviews. This is where candidates will receive a set of questions and record their answers online or in the app. Let’s check how using a popular video interview software assists in efficient hiring.

Automate the Screening and Shortlisting

The most tiring and time-consuming work during the recruitment process is to screen hundreds and thousands of applicants. Sorting out candidates who are and are not qualified for a job is very time consuming. Video interviews not only make this process easier for hiring managers, but for all the candidates as well.

Once the candidates complete the video interview, you can easily evaluate and narrow down your candidate list. After that, the HR managers will invite the top candidates to continue with the recruitment process. Using the help of a pre-recorded video interview platform helps automate the screening and shortlisting of candidates. It will significantly improve the quality of hiring for any position.

Using Data for Hiring Process

The biggest concern of any company is bias in the hiring process. It leads to the disqualification of truly qualified candidates for the job. By switching to video, interviews will bring AI into the hiring process. This means that the entire process will become data-driven.

Collecting all the relevant data for hiring ensure that only the top candidates will be moved to the next rounds. It is easy to share the interview with the hiring team and get their feedback on it. The candidates who get the highest ratings will be moved to the final hiring process.

Enhance Candidate’s Interview Experience

Going to an actual interview comes with its own sets of challenges. Some candidates live very far away, or the office environment builds pressure on them. Switching to virtual interviews can help to resolve such challenges.

The candidates will be able to give interviews from the comfort of their homes. In pre-recorded interviews, the applicants have the option to record any time and submit their best answers. Such factors ensure that every candidate appears for the interview.

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Performance Ratings from the Recruitment Team

After the recruiters receive the video, it can be shared with all the team members. Every interviewer has unique insights into the interview, and sometimes there is a difference of opinion. Being able to rewatch interviews can help teams review and make a better throughout decision.

When using the video interview platform, the candidate is rated on different parameters. Once everyone has reviewed the performance, their average score is available on the dashboard. This way, the candidate with the best ranking can be selected for the position.

Check Real-time Statistics of Every Candidate

When using a video interviewing software, you will have a dashboard feature where all of the details about applicants will be available. You are also able to view information regarding the progress of the candidates. This boasts a recruiter’s ability to make a correct hiring decision.

The dashboard shows the grading of each applicant so you can hire candidates who meet the standards of your organization. Using this feature helps to find candidates who are an excellent fit for your company and improves hiring efficiency.

Upgrading your hiring process improves the quality of your recruitment process. It only takes one click to start evaluating and finding the most deserving candidates. It is clear to see, video interviewing software is a highly beneficial tool for your hiring team.