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We believe in streamlining the hiring process. It doesn’t matter if you are a small sized start-up or a large organisation, Jobma’s video interviewing technology helps you find the right candidate efficiently and reduce your hiring costs. Only on Jobma can you view a candidate's written resume, video resume and social media content in one convenient spot and our video resume technology lets you screen candidates better than you ever could before.

If you are looking for a job, Jobma gives you the platform to showcase your talent to some of the biggest organisations in the world. You can create your own video resume for free and share it over social media. You can take part in live or asynchronous video interviews. Our video technology takes the stress and travel out of the job seeking process. We modernize and simplify every step of the modern job search leading to happier job seekers and recruiters.

How jobma's video interviewing platform works


Live Video Interview

Find the right candidates faster with Jobma’s live video interview technology. A live video interview gives you the same advantages as an interview conducted in person except you significantly cut down on travel costs and are able to select from geographically diverse talent. You can set up interview times, invite applicants and collate with co workers all within Jobma. Job seekers also love live video interviews as it cuts down on the stress and expenses of travelling to different locations.


One way Video Interview

A one way video interview (or an asynchronous interview) is a great way of screening candidates. You can set up a series of questions that are pertinent to the position you are a hiring for and anyone who applies for that position can record their answers. This lets you screen the most qualified candidates quickly and accurately. You can either select questions from Jobma’s library set or create customized ones that are relevant to the position you have posted.

New to video interviews?


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job or for talent to fill up a position, you will find Jobma easy to understand and easier still to use. Ease of use has been one of the core design philosophies behind Jobma. And this belief runs through every facet of Jobma.


Sign Up

Our sign up process is quick and free. A few clicks and your Jobma account is all set up. After that you are free to search and apply for Jobs.


Video Resume

Create your video resume and stand out from the crowd. It is incredibly simple to do, all you need is a webcam and you are all set to go. And then you can share it on your social media right from Jobma itself. It's that kind of connectivity that makes us the world's premier

Job Search

Some of the biggest organizations in the world post their jobs on Jobma. So once your account is set up you can immediately start searching for jobs.


Video Interview

We cut down on the stress of travel associated with a job search. With Jobma you can take part in Live or pre recorded interviews.

benefits Companies can get From JOBMA


Incredible Value

JOBMA delivers an incredible amount of value while maintaining the lowest prices in the industry. Simply put, we give you the most bang for your buck.


Amazing Support

JOBMA provides world-class support to our customers and their candidates; it's the most frequently praised aspect of our business.


Customer Validation

JOBMA works with over 2,000 companies around the world. Ask around and you'll most likely know someone using JOBMA.

Employer Platform


Jobma helps you find the right talent for your organisation faster and cheaper than ever before. In addition to giving you a platform to conduct live or pre recorded interviews, our Video Resume technology lets you screen candidates more efficiently so you spend time talking to only the most qualified candidates. We provide added benefits such as HD video and mobile app access at no additional cost. And our support team is always available to assist you.

Sign Up: Signing up for a Jobma Employers account is fast and easy. Once you sign up you can also upload or record your company’s introduction video as an added branding tool.

Post Job: Jobma has the largest collection of video resumes on the internet so finding the right talent for your job is easy. You can of course also invite candidates that aren’t registered on Jobma to take part in interviews.

Screen Candidates: Jobma’s Video resume technology cuts down the time you spend screening candidates significantly and ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are selected for the interview.

Interview: Jobma gives you the platform to conduct live or pre recorded interviews. You can share feedback on candidates with other people in your organisation using Jobma. We help you find the right candidates smoothly and more efficiently.

Jobma Platform


Jobma brings you closer than ever before to finding your dream job. We give you the tools and the platform to create and share your own video resume. And our Job search engine puts thousands of jobs from some of the biggest companies in the world on your fingertips. Finding your ideal job is now a small four step process.

Sign Up: Signing up for Jobma is free and easy to do. You can create your own Jobma account in a matter of minutes and start looking for jobs immediately afterwards.

Add Video Resume: As a video resume website Jobma gives you the technological advantage by letting you post a video resume along with a traditional resume. A video resume is a fantastic way to showcase your communication and soft skills to potential employers.

Search and apply for Jobs: Our job search engine can find the perfect job for you. Our advanced search engine lets you find jobs in any geographical location you desire. Applying for a job is simple and only takes a few clicks.

Interview: Jobma lets you meet with Hiring Managers using our free, online video interview service. You can take part in live or pre recorded interviews. We cut down the stress and costs associated with travelling for a job interview.

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