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Jobma helps you hire

Video interviews starting at $1

Because we deliver

  • Significant reduction in "time to hire"
  • More efficient use of Recruiter time
  • Faster candidate response
  • Increased interview speed
  • Reduction of travel costs
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Improved efficiency reduces further costs
  • Reduce attrition by increasing "quality of hire"
  • Standardize your hiring process
  • Recruit as a team
  • Eliminate "fake" candidates
  • Move past scheduling issues
We integrate with best in the recruitment industry to make your workflows more efficient

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Video interview platforms

One Way Video Interview Software

Add Interview Questions

Create a set of questions that you want the candidates to answer. You can even control the think time, retakes and the required answer length you want to give to the candidates.

Candidates response

Candidates can start the video interview whenever it’s convenient for them by clicking on the interview link. They can do this on any computer with a webcam or a mobile device.

Assess candidate videos

As soon as a candidate finishes a video interview, it is available for you (and your team) to watch and share. Add tags, give ratings, leave feedback and work together as a team.

Hire the Right Candidate

Compare the video responses from multiple candidates on a single page. Use the tags and the rating system to find out the top candidates you want to move forward with.

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Live Video Interview

Record your interviews
with one easy click.
Share interview recordings
and hire as a team.
Invite team members to
the interview on the fly.
Take part in one on one
and panel interviews.
Share screens for truly
interactive interviews.
Send and receive
images and documents.


ATS Integrations

Chances are Jobma's Talent Acquisition tool already integrates with whatever ATS you are using. And if we don't, we will build an integration for you for free.

Built in Analytics

Find out what works and what doesn't. We built some of the most powerful analytic tools so you can hire smarter.


We believe hiring is a team effort. Share video interviews, review candidates and leave feedback as a team.


Ease of use has been one of the core design philosophies behind Jobma. Our simple and intuitive user interface gets you up and running instantly.


Our video interview software works across devices. It doesn't matter if you are using a PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Jobma works natively across all devices.


We created world class branding tools to help you give candidates an experience they remember. Make it unique. Make it yours.

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Efficient recruiting
  • Create a workflow. Standardize your hiring process.
  • Share and review video interviews, recruit as a team.
  • Unlimited job slots. Hire without restrictions.
  • Move beyond scheduling issues. Increase your geographical reach.

Our mission at Jobma is to reduce the distance between you and qualified candidates. For close to a decade now we have worked with companies ranging from small scale start ups to large scale enterprises in their quest to find them the best candidates.

Our Video Interview Software deliver an incredible amount of value while maintaining the lowest prices in the industry. Our pricing lets you be flexible with your hiring while still giving you room to scale up when the need arises. Simply put, we give you the most bang for your buck.

We would love to talk to you about Jobma further and how it will integrate into your hiring process. And we would love to show you how it works. So click on the button on the left and one of our product experts will give you a live demo and show you how it all works.

Or you can get started right away. Signing up lets you start using the Jobma Video Interview Platform immediately. There is no waiting period, no hold ups and no setup fee. You will be up and running in a few minutes.