Traditional Vs Virtual Interviews

The term “interview” is defined as the first face-to-face conversation taking place between a recruiter and candidate. This conversation is the means to assess the suitability, ability, behaviour and qualification of the candidate.  The first face-to-face interview round is one of the most important phase of the entire hiring process, as it let the recruiter or hiring manager to know about more the person’s intelligence, interpersonal, presentation and communication skills.

The traditional hiring process is a time-consuming method. It may even take a few months to hire a candidate. As per the current hiring scenario, devoting this much of time on a single candidate is not at all accepted. To analyse the candidate’s skills and potential on the various platforms, the other significant ways are accessible in the Industry. These ways are less time-consuming and result oriented ones.

The most efficient and effective way to hire a candidate is through the online video interview. It’s a less time-consuming process and presents easy results for all. It gets conducted in virtual surroundings. It means irrespective of geographical locations of the candidate or recruiter, the interviewing process can easily get started and concluded.

Here, we are contrasting between the traditional and Virtual Interview process. Hopefully, these differences will let you choose the best approach to hire the finest people for your organisation. Traditional Interview Online/Virtual Interview
1. It’s a time-consuming approach. It’s a time-efficient approach.
2. It’s a cost oriented approach. It’s a cost-efficient approach.
3. It has geographical constraints. Distance-efficient approach and can get conducted in any part of the world.
4. It follows a hierarchical approach that takes time to declare the results. It gives you the feedback within a stipulated time-span.
5. It can be a referral course of the interviewing process. It’s solely based on your performance. So, present the best of you in interview.
6. It’s a traditional approach to hire a candidate. It’s a contemporary way to hire a candidate.
7. This way of hiring gets the candidates through normal job-boards or referrals. This way of hiring attracts the tech-savvy and socially aware candidates.

Note: Trying out your hands on the latest tools to hire a candidate will keep the organisation updated with the upcoming hiring trends of the Industry. Certainly, these key differences will let the recruiters to follow the market trends and ease out the process to hire a candidate.

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