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Types of Video Interviews

The majority of recruiters use video interview software to win over the best talent worldwide. These tools are getting popular day by day, and the numbers are increasing tremendously. There are two main types of Video interviews; let's explore both of them in detail:

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One-way interviews

One-way or asynchronous interviews are pre-recorded interviews. The interviewing process is initiated using a video interview software or tool. The recruiter sends a set of questions to candidates through email, text message, job boards, etc. Candidates record their responses and submit them for evaluation.

Benefits of one-way interviews



One-Way Video Interviews reduce the time involved in the initial hiring stages. The one-way interview question kit can be sent to multiple candidates at once, saving the recruiter time and cutting down the stress of dealing with each applicant personally.


Expand the list of potential candidates:

Most employers miss out on hiring talented employees due to geographical and time barriers. With one-way interviews, any potential candidate can submit their responses from anywhere and at any possible time before the deadline.


Impartial screening:

Many employers fail to hire the top talents because of the bias involved in the hiring. One-way video interviews eliminate any possible bias. The question kit prepared for the applicant is trackable and can be monitored by employers. Every applicant is given the same assignment, and the results are entirely based on excellence.


Team decision:

The recruiter can share the video responses submitted by the candidates with their team members. The decision-making becomes easy, and every team member can give their opinion on a candidate's performance.

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Live Video Interviews

Live Video Interviews are two-way interviews in which an employer connects with the candidate face to face through a video call.

Benefits of Live Video Interviews


Eliminates unconscious bias

The recruiter often misses out on talented candidates because of how they perceive them during their in-person interviews. Live video interviews nullify any such possibilities, and candidates are selected based on their talent.


Flexible scheduling

Most candidates try to get new job opportunities while they are already employed. It becomes challenging for the recruiter to schedule an in-person interview with them if they have to work around their current work schedule. Live video interviews are very flexible. These can be conducted at any time from anywhere.


Eliminates stress involved in the hiring process

The candidates can attend a live video interview from anywhere. The candidates don't have to travel to their interview location. This eliminates the stress, time, and cost of traveling for the candidates.


Reduces the anxiety of the applicant

Many Applicants perform more confidently during video interviews. Live video interviews eliminate the anxiety and nervousness caused by in-person interviews.

Wrapping Up

Video interviews are modern recruitment tools. Modifying the traditional ways of hiring is a big decision; it's always better to opt for free trials and request demos before you finalize your investment. Jobma is among the best video interviewing platforms and is trusted globally. Many of the top companies in the world such as Samsung, Polaris and Bank of China use Jobma to hire the best candidates for their organization.

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Benefits of Video Interviewing Software

The traditional ways of hiring no longer suit the modern workforce. An employer needs to add video interviewing software to their recruitment process. Video interview software is beneficial for the applicant as well as the recruiter.

Let's have a look at some of the benefits of Video Interviewing Software.

Conducting a video interview over an in-person interview makes hiring incredibly seamless. Simply connecting over the internet and communicating via webcam is far more efficient than scheduling an office interview. Video interviewing software eliminates all the extra costs and time involved in the hiring process for the candidate and the employer.

Video interviewing software is a systematic process. From initial screening to assessment submission, each stage is appropriately aligned. The recruiter need not call and remind the candidate to revert or ask similar questions while screening.

Businesses nowadays aim to hire top talents irrespective of geographical boundaries. Any recruiter can screen and interview the applicants worldwide using video interview software. This software widens the candidate pool for the recruiters.

Video interviewing software eliminates all the possible biases during the hiring process. Every applicant is given the same question kit, and the results are based on their performance, giving each applicant a fair chance. The software is impartial while screening and shortlisting the candidates.

Video Interviewing software has advantages for both the applicant and the employer:

a) For the recruiter

The hiring becomes quick and seamless. Video interview software reduces the cost per hire tremendously. The process becomes very time-efficient, and recruiters can hire the top talents globally. Jobma is one of the most cost-effective video interview software suitable for companies of all sizes.

b) For the candidates

Candidates can apply for jobs outside their domestic boundaries. They no longer need to spend any extra time or money traveling for the interview. A candidate can quickly appear for an interview from wherever they want.


Wrapping Up

Jobma is the recommended platform for video interviewing. Jobma is trusted across the globe and is regarded as one of the most popular video interview platforms. They provide excellent services, and their clients are assisted by a team of skilled customer support executives. This software offers both one-way and live interviews, which, when used together, eliminate traditional recruitment methods. Companies that eye the top talents need to implement the modern recruitment tools that are appealing to the candidates.

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Video Interview

Jobma video interviews scale-up recruiting capabilities and foster more convenient and effective interviewing practices for recruiters and applicants. A video interviewing software connects you with the worldwide talent pool and allows you to discover, engage, and hire star talent for the position working remotely. Empower your hiring with cloud-based storage space, ATS technology, unlimited interview recording, and advanced level interview customization with Jobma Video Interview software.

When it comes to conducting an efficient job interview remotely video interviews are an effective and innovative way. The online virtual platform and remote-based connectivity between employers and applicants provide them opportunities to engage and interact with each other like never before. Video interviews help recruiters understand the applicant in detail and make hiring convenient for both the talent acquisition team and the job seekers. A wide range of businesses from all sorts of industries is integrating Video Interview software into their HR team to improve the hiring experience and enrich workflow with star talent from across the world. Using a digital hiring solution helps businesses save time and budget in the recruitment process and makes talent acquisition faster, smarter, and more affordable for them. JOBMA is one such leading video interview tool, which makes the hiring process easy and technically advanced. JOBMA offers technical advantages to the hiring team and enables them to meet the candidates remotely. It also allows the candidates to join the interview at their chosen convenience. The exclusive features of the JOBMA video interview are as below:

  • Exclusive text, audio, and video question kit
  • Affordable and cost-effective services
  • Dedicated service support

JOBMA helps the hiring team to screen candidates more efficiently and remotely

JOBMA helps hiring teams compare and review the candidates at their chosen time and allows them to review the candidates’ responses at their convenience. Also, it enables them to connect and screen a lot of candidates remotely. JOBMA facilitates hiring teams with a virtual ability such as:

  • Connecting with a wide range of candidates remotely
  • Help to prepare the virtual CV of a candidate
  • Help to analyze the non-verbal expression and soft skill of a candidate through a pre-recorded video interview
  • Provide the ability to compare candidates on the response of the same questions and choose the best fit

A cost-efficient digital video interview tool

Jobma allows hiring teams to buy its subscription at an affordable price. The low-cost subscription charge of JOBMA makes it a perfect virtual platform for video interviews for all sizes of businesses. If you are yet to purchase virtual hiring software to keep your hiring process uninterrupted, then opt for JOBMA to enjoy its top-notch services.

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Encourage better collaboration among hiring stakeholders

JOBMA helps a hiring team to streamline the recruiting schedules with the candidates. It connects the hiring team with a lot of candidates remotely and helps them select the best-fit candidates. JOBMA video interview software allows recruiters to scan applicants in detail before calling them in for in-person interviews and improves the quality of hire. You can analyze the professional capabilities, soft skills, and non-verbal expressions of the candidates working remotely with the help of Jobma's live and pre-recording Video Interview features. It helps you enrich your hiring tool kit with futuristic recruitment technology and improves the candidate's interviewing experience by allowing them to participate in the interview process from wherever and whenever they want.

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Helps in improving in-person interview experience

JOBMA Video interviews quickly screen a lot of candidates, which helps a recruiting team to shortlist the best-fit candidates for the final round of interviews. Video interviewing with JOBMA ensures that your resources and valuable time are only invested in candidates you are confident of meeting in person.

Reduces time taken in the hiring process

JOBMA surprisingly reduces the hiring time compared to the traditional in-person interviews. JOBMA video interviews help hiring teams screen and shortlist the candidates during the initial interview rounds, saving a lot of time.

So, the point is, if you are looking for a technically advanced and yet affordable virtual Video Interview Platform to make your hiring team smarter and faster, then JOBMA is the most suitable video platform, without any doubt. It will not only upgrade your hiring board with high-tech interviewing features but also helps save time and effort.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

Why are pre-recorded interviews necessary?

Pre-recorded interviews help screen applicants faster and more efficiently. These interviews also allow you to connect with the most talented candidates even if they are not co-located.

What you gain with pre-recorded interviews

  • Faster screening
  • More efficient shortlisting
  • No bias involved
  • Wider candidate pool
  • Seamless hiring
Why is a video interviewing platform so important?

Video interviewing platforms are a necessity in modern-day recruitment plans for the benefits they provide:

  • Reduced time per hire
  • Low cost per hire
  • Eliminates bias in hiring
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Mutually beneficial (for recruiter and candidates)
What does a candidate need for a video interview?

Candidates will need a device with a webcam (laptop, pc, tablet) or a smartphone with good internet connectivity.

Is video interviewing software expensive?

No, Jobma’s platform is cost-effective and reduces the cost per hire for employers. Jobma allows you to screen a large pool of candidates quickly. Candidates that are shortlisted to the next step in the hiring process can be invited to a live video interview for just $1 an interview.

Do small businesses also benefit from video interviewing software??

Yes, it is beneficial to have video interviewing software, regardless of the size of your company. The video interview platform is an efficient way to screen and interview the top talents. A qualified workforce is crucial for every business to grow. Jobma is designed for companies of all sizes with a low cost per hire.

How does a live video interview platform eliminate bias?

Hiring involves both conscious and unconscious bias. Every step of the video interviewing platform is trackable and monitorable. All the applicants are provided the same set of questions to get a fair chance. The screening and shortlisting of the applicants are only based on skills.

How are software video interviews better than standard video chats?

Video interviewing software provides features like recording, sharing, brand promotions and more which standard video chats don’t offer.

Does the video interview platform remove geographical barriers?

Yes, video interview platforms are digital mediums, all the interviews and screening can be done virtually, and no extra traveling is required. This means that candidates can attend video interviews from anywhere across the globe. Video interview platforms also help recruiters to connect with talents globally.

How is video interview software beneficial for candidates?

Video interview software is mutually beneficial.


Video interviews are done digitally. This eliminates the need for a candidate to travel to the interview location. All traveling costs are eliminated when a recruiter uses a video interviewing platform for hiring.


A candidate can attend a video interview anywhere, and traveling is not required. Statistically, video interviews last 30-45 minutes which is 1/3 of the time involved during office interviews.

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