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Digital Video Interview

Online Video Interview

Video interviews and video resumes are the way of the future. The always online, digitally connected world gives employers and job seekers opportunities to interact in ways never possible before. And it brings with it a host of benefits for both of them. Read on to find out more.

The main reason why so many organizations and job seekers are turning to video interviews is that it's financially more convenient. Data has shown that hiring employees through video interviews can cut down hiring costs massively. Since there are very little travel expenses involved, organizations can save on their travel costs. The same is true for job seekers as well. An online video interview software or video interview platforms benefit both.

Another big reason is convenience. It’s easy to do and you can conduct or give an interview from the most convenient location. That means a hiring manager can do it from his office and be more productive while a job seeker can do it from his home and save time and travel. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Again online video interview software or video interview platforms will take care of all those needs.

Video interviews are of two types. Pre recorded video interview – where an employer will post questions along with the job and candidates that apply have to record a video response to those questions. And Live – where candidates and employers interact face to face over the internet in a live video format. Pre recorded video interview is a great tool for employers to screen candidates and for candidates to give a quick elevator pitch about themselves. Live video interviews are generally used in making a more detailed evaluation of candidates.

Video interviewing vendors will provide the facility to conduct both on their platform. Jobma is one of the leading video interviewing vendors in its field. Video Interviewing Software and a video interview platform are the same terms used interchangeably. Video Interviewing Software is nothing but a website where you can conduct video interviews.

Since video interviews are a relatively modern concept, most job seekers aren’t sure what the best way to go through one is. So here are some tips. Think of a video interview as an actual face to face physical interview. So make sure you dress accordingly. Even if you are giving the interview from your home ensure that you are dressed as if you were walking into the company you are applying for.

Also, Keep in mind the background of your video call. It’s generally a good idea to avoid a messy room as it creates a bad impression. Also, ensure that you are somewhere where you cannot be disturbed. After all, you don’t want pets or kids walking in the middle of the interview and cause a distraction.

It's always a good idea to do an equipment check before you begin. If you are interviewing through your PC that means making sure your Microphone is working and your webcam is displaying video. Do a test call with a friend to check and make sure. Or record yourself before the interview and playback to make sure there are no audio or video problems.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to understand that even if it is a video interview, it is still no different from an actual in life interview. So behave accordingly. Do not do anything you wouldn’t in an actual interview when you are in the room with the hiring manager form the company.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you will ace any video interview you go through.