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Tips to Shine in Your Video Interview

Tips to Shine in Your Video Interview

Video interviews have become standard practice by businesses to attain faster and more effective hiring objectives. When it comes to maintaining hiring amid COVID, online video interview tools help recruiters’ access and interview the candidates remotely. And safeguard staff and applicants from coronavirus pandemic. Keeping this fact in mind, it is important to prepare accordingly and achieve mastery in a video interview if you want to stand out.

Mainly there are two types of video interviews in trend. The first is one-way or pre-recorded, it allows the hiring managers to record interview questions once for all. And the candidates submit recorded answers back to the recruiters. The second popular type is two-way or live, where recruiters connect live to the candidates in real-time and ask you questions and respond to your answers, similar to an in-person interview.

Either way needs a lot of preparation and practice to ace an interview and get a job position in the desired company. In this post, you will find some valuable tips to succeed in a video interview and improve your chances to get hired:

1. Get the technical basics done

Equipment: Selection of the right device to appear in a video interview matters a lot. It is best to use your computer rather than a handheld device for the interview. Computers will provide you with a stable position to record good quality video. If you are using your laptop, make sure it’s fully charged or plug in.

Connections: Before you start recording or appear live for the interview, make sure you have a high-speed internet connection to avoid distractions during the interview. A weak internet connection might break the interview flow or result in recording poor quality videos that ultimately distract interviewers and compel them to drop you out.

Software: Get video interviewing software that is easy to use and compatible with all the devices. You need to feel comfortable and relax with your software. To make this happen, you can practice an interview session with your friends and family before participating in the actual interview. Several video recruiting software, including Jobma, are available in the market that is easy to use, tech-savvy, and provides affordable services.

Lighting: Choose an interviewing space with appropriate lighting. Front-side lighting is considered best. If it’s daytime, try to place your computer near a window. Natural light sources would improve your video quality. Avoid too much bright light in the background as this puts your face in shadow and distracts the interviewer’s concentration from you if it’s night—test light well in advance to avoid a lack of clarity and visibility in the video.

Position: Place the camera at the level of your head and keep it slightly downward. This camera angle would help you maintain eye contact and straight body posture throughout the interview.

2. Presentation

The background: It is essential to keep your camera background clean and in order. Too much stuffed or messy camera frame might distract the interviewer’s concentration, and they might wrongly judge your personality. So, keep your pets and unmade-bed out of the camera frame. A plain wall with sufficient lighting is best.

Look professional: Dress as if you are participating in an in-person interview. Don’t sit casual or unprepared in front of interviewers only because they know you are at home. Professional dress-up would help you make your mindset ready for the interview.

No distractions: Turn off your TV, keep your phone on silent mode, and shut down your windows to restrict noise and potential distractions amid the interview. Let the family member know your interview schedule and ask them for privacy and peace.

3. Professional Expression

When you are in a video interview, avoid unnecessary body action and try your best to engage interviewers with your responses.

Sit still: When interviewing, a hand gesture to complement your statement is fine but don’t jiggle around in your seat. For sure, you want to be considered serious, consistent, and not visually distracting.

Look in the camera: Eye contact with the interviewers reflects that you’re confident. When you look at the camera, it works the same way. Address your answers to the webcam. This appears to the interviewers that you are addressing them.

Be engaged: Reply to the interviewers with a smiling face and try to sound interesting. Monotonous responses might bore recruiters. To make this happen, you can practice your answers before you participate in the interview.

Don’t reply fast: When answering in an online interview, speak slow and maintain the suitable gap between your sentences. Fast replies may turn noisy for interviewers due to transmission delays.

4. Use note, if need

Unlike in-person interviews, you have the opportunity to use notes when interviewing via a digital platform. Though not frequently, you can use it at higher stages of your interview to make your answers more convincing.  Just note down a few key points to make your reply crisper and more precise. But while doing so, don’t spend too much time looking at notes- it will be noticeable.

5. Sum up on a positive note

Don’t forget to thank your interviewer for allowing you to participate in the interview. If allowed, ask some interesting questions at the end of the interview. It will show your interest in the job. And reflect the message to the interviewer that you are a well-informed candidate.

There’s no doubt that video interviewing puts you in a specific set of challenges. However, with the correct planning and preparation, you can succeed in a video interview.

If you have any doubt, leave your questions or suggestions in the comment, we will be pleased to hear from you.

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