Know the Most Commonly Asked Questions in the Interview

Every interviewer has a different style and a different scenario to approach a candidate. Nevertheless, the set of certain interview questions is universal and often asked at the start or end of the interview. Sometimes, Interview becomes bold and saucy. It’s totally depending on the mood of the interviewer when he is going to fire those predefined set of questions for you. However, the most commonly asked questions of an employer are:

  • What makes you a strong candidate for this specific job?
  • What makes you choose this organization?
  • Why should I hire you?

Well, these three questions must have faced by every one of us, once in an interview. Knowing the chance of questions asked in an interview, why not to prepare them in a confident way to become the most likable candidate for the employers. The well-set answers will enhance your chances to get the job.

Fortunately, we are summarizing the potential positive answers that need to be answered by the candidate in an interview. It will help other candidates learn the way to answer in an interview.

  • What makes you a strong candidate for this specific job? To prove a strong contention, you have to exhibit creativity and a passion for the skills needed for this job-profile. Exhibiting the right attitude with the required skills and qualifications helps you to frame a productive answer.  For example, you can give out strong reasons, like I can get things done in a proper way. I am a good team player and help others to learn & grow more. With the relevant experience I have, I promise to utilize the best of my knowledge for the growth of the organization. Compiling all your best skills, you have made you a stronger candidate as compare to rest of the competitors.
  • What makes you choose this organization? The deep research and knowledge about the organization is required to answer this specific question. You need to best and worst of the company, so that you can frame the right answer. For example, you want to work with this company because of its work culture, flexible working hours and services offered to the clients. Additionally, I found the right job profile to work with, as it’s more important to work for your passion. Working with such a wonderful organization with this job-profile gives my career the right path and brings competent results for both of us.
  • Why should I hire you? In this context, you need to mention your professional endeavors, accomplishments, strengths and productive passions that can support your positive qualities you claim to have. For example, start answering like; you need to hire me because you will certainly not spend weeks of training on me to teach me the ways how the process works. I am a quick learner and well versed with the problem solving skills that needs to implement on it. The good communication skills and the ability to work in team inspire me to help my fellow workers to learn more of the work. I assure you to deliver the efficiency and quality with my work.

Probably, the questions answered above are the most commonly asked questions and most of the candidates commit silly mistakes by answering these questions in a casual way. Be sure your answers fit with the company and job opening.

Hence, compose your answers with the positive mindset and speak them out with a confidence. It is the key to get the right job in the right company. All you need is the focus and time management skills. It will bring out the best in you.

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