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Video Interviews: A New and Popular Way of Recruitment

Video Interviews: A New and Popular Way of Recruitment

A new wave of digitalisation that gains acceleration due to the covid pandemic has covered the entire industry, including recruitment practices. Integrating technological advancement as video interview software into the hiring process fosters advanced hiring experience and transformed it at a new level. A recent study by Software Advice suggests that more than 50 % of recruiters have already been using digital video platforms even before the covid pandemic. And now, this trend is speeding up.

We all have experienced that traditional interviewing processes have limited scopes and opportunities to scan and analyze an applicant. In comparison, video recruiting brings cutting-edge techniques and approaches to candidates’ assessment and evaluation. Unlike traditional interviewing, advanced video recruiting software enables recruiters with automated screening features to screen candidates fast and accurately. And provides AI support that makes the candidate assessment system more effective and tech-savvy.

Why Companies Adapting Video Interviews

The covid pandemic has forced typical workflow to shift digital to live and thrive while living through uncertainty. In this post, we will get a closer look at why video interviews have increasingly become popular among businesses:

Test of technical abilities

Embracing new technologies in your hiring tool kit works as a natural checkpoint to scan a candidate’s basic knowledge of technology without mentioning it in your mandatory or desired eligibility list. It enables you to assess an applicant’s comfort level while facing the camera and their audience engagement skills. Not only this, it makes recruiters capable of analyzing the insights transmitted through body language, non-verbal expressions, and posture that make it easy for businesses to hire the right talent at the first attempt.

Address scheduling challenges

Scheduling recruitment operations is always a pain point for recruiters when it comes to bulk hiring scenarios. If you also feel the same, here is the good news for you! Video recruiting enables recruiters to record interview questions once for all the applicants. It also allows each applicant to record their responses from wherever and whenever they want. Using a digital hiring solution, the hiring managers could share candidate’s detail with their colleagues just in a single click and leave feedback as well as review& score the applicants quickly and conveniently.

Refining the screening process

Video screening software brings screening automation to your recruitment process and reduces per hire time by screening millions of candidates at the same time. A pre-recorded video interview software allows you to shortlist the most deserving candidates based on the job description, shortens interview rounds, and reduces the interviewing time and budget of an organization, making it a popular recruiting tool among businesses. Now, you don’t have to invest your 20-30 valuable minutes in screening each candidate as a digital video interview helps you eliminate time-consuming one-by-one shortlisting of the applicants from your hiring schedule.

Expand recruitment outreach

The talent search activity is not local anymore. Integration of video interview tools into your HR team connects you to the worldwide talent pool and helps you select the most qualified talent for the position working remotely. Using a one-way video interviewing platform, you can scan an applicant from another corner of the globe remotely and effectively before calling them in for the interview. It makes your recruitment global and improves your quality of hire. Besides, virtual interviewing platforms reduce your dependency on local talent and greatly boost employer branding among candidates who are participating from across the world.

Enriched skills assessment

Suppose you’re an interviewer trying to test an applicant’s capabilities for a specific role. On-demand video interview software allows you to customize interview functionalities and alter interview parameters based on your specific need to check whether a candidate is or isn’t fit for the position. It would improve your skill assessment ability working remotely and increase the chances of selecting quality talent for the position by enriching your skill assessment capabilities.

Undoubtedly, video interviewing technology has proved a game-changer for modern recruitment practices over the years. The introduction of advanced and innovative video interviewing tools due to technology up-gradation will make digitalization of recruitment more popular as it becomes simpler and seamless to implement new technology in your talent acquisition team. Video interviews have transformed hiring into a convenient, effective, and less time-consuming practice. It attracts the majority of businesses that are tech-savvy and ready to welcome new hiring trends. Remember, with recruitment becoming surprisingly competitive, the hiring teams must check out for new approaches and strategies to stand out. Video recruiting platforms are at the center of this change.