Streamline Your Hiring with Jobma's New AI Features

Streamline Your Hiring with Jobma’s New AI Features

Streamline Your Hiring with Jobma’s New AI Features

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In today’s competitive world of recruitment, technological tools such as video interview software are essential for every staffing and recruitment need. It simplifies the end-to-end recruitment process and brings in the best talent from a large pool of candidates. Our innovative video interviewing tool Jobma is designed to transform your hiring process and candidate experience. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest features powered by AI. The features include automated AI Scoring and Transcription Search.

Automated AI Scoring

Scoring each and every candidate manually can be a hectic task especially when there’re hundreds of applicants. Jobma’s automated AI scoring utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate the relevance and content of candidates’ responses allowing you to focus on evaluating the most relevant and best candidates only.

Our AI scoring system provides an overall average score for each candidate as well as an individual score for each response. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of each candidate’s performance. You also have the opportunity to review AI-generated remarks for each answer.

Here’s how AI scoring works:

  • Candidates record their interview responses by answering the pre-set questions.
  • Jobma’s AI algorithms analyze recorded videos using advanced technologies like speech recognition, natural language processing, and emotional analysis.
  • The AI algorithms evaluate the candidates based on different criteria, such as content relevance, communication skills, confidence, enthusiasm, and emotional intelligence. The feature can use predefined criteria or customizable scoring models set by the hiring team.
  • Jobma assigns scores to the candidates based on this analysis. These scores measure how well candidates meet the desired criteria and provide a measurable indication of their suitability for the job.
  • Jobma’s software compares the candidates’ performances by collecting scores and evaluations. It generates a ranking or rating system that helps the hiring team identify the most promising candidates for further consideration.

Transcription Search 

Reviewing pre-recorded interviews can be quite time-consuming. Jobma automatically creates accurate transcriptions for video responses which can be edited, searched, and shared. Simply enter a keyword or search term in the search bar, and our transcription search will scan through the interview transcriptions, presenting you with candidates and responses with the specified word or phrase. This feature can be helpful in finding candidates based on a specific topic and skill set. It highlights relevant segments of interview recordings, eliminating the need for manual review.

Here is how Transcription Search works:

  • Go to the recorded interviews section.
  • Click on the search bar designed for Transcription Search.
  • Enter a keyword or search term that you want to look up, such as a skill or a topic.
  • Transcription search starts examining the video transcriptions of recorded interviews and identifies the candidates who have used that particular term in their interviews.

Additionally, Jobma now lets you delete multiple invitations in bulk for hassle-free invitation management.

Final Words

With Jobma’s automated AI scoring, evaluating candidates is now easier than ever with automatically generated scores and remarks allowing you to focus your energy on the most relevant and best candidates only. Find relevant candidates based on specific skills and topics using Transcription Search. Simplify your workflow by managing and organizing interview invitations with the bulk invitation delete feature. Jobma optimizes your end-to-end recruitment process and candidate experience by saving you time and helping you make informed decisions. Experience the future of hiring with Jobma’s AI features today.