Unleashing the Power of Jobma : New Features

Unleashing the Power of Jobma: A Closer Look at the new, Cutting-Edge features.

Unleashing the Power of Jobma: A Closer Look at the new, Cutting-Edge features.

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We are incredibly excited to bring you the most significant Jobma update for the year. We have added a lot of new stuff and a lot to discuss. So grab a coffee and settle down. Let us show you how Jobma is about to turbocharge your hiring process. When you log into Jobma this coming Wednesday, you will see a lot of cool, new tech in there. Let’s start by talking about one of the most requested features – 

AI Transcription:

Transcribing interview recordings can be time-consuming and tedious; we understand that recruiters have a lot on their plate. That’s why we’ve introduced AI Transcription, a powerful feature that automatically transcribes video interviews into text format. With AI Transcription, recruiters can quickly review and analyse candidates’ responses, save time, and make more informed hiring decisions. These transcriptions can also be shared along with the interview videos with your stakeholders.

Interview transcriptions can be an invaluable tool when it comes to hiring candidates. It can help you build Accurate record-keeping: Transcribing interviews taken by Jobma’s video recruiting software can help ensure that accurate records of the interview are kept. This can be helpful in situations where you or your team need to revisit the interview notes to make informed hiring decisions.

It can also help you avoid bias. By having a written record of the interview, hiring managers can focus on the candidate’s qualifications and responses without being influenced by other factors such as appearance or body language. And lastly, it will improve communication: Transcriptions can be shared with other members of the hiring team, allowing for better collaboration and communication.

Live Proctoring:

Live Proctoring is an advanced feature that allows recruiters to monitor and control online interviews or exams in real time. This feature helps maintain the integrity of the hiring process by detecting and preventing cheating or other forms of misconduct. With Live Proctoring, recruiters can ensure the hiring process is transparent, fair, and unbiased. 

One of the things we love about Live Proctoring is how flexible it can be. Just like Jobma’s Video Interview Software suite, it can fit your use case – recruitment or non recruitment, perfectly without needing to change how you hire or evaluate candidates. It also creates a fairer interview process, leading to better quality candidates coming through your pipeline. And lastly, Live Proctoring can also help you judge a candidate based on their actual performance in a Live environment. 

Multiple Interview Templates:

Multiple Interview Templates is an exciting new feature that allows our users to customise the interview template to their liking. With multiple themes, our users can create a personalised and visually appealing environment that reflects their brand and culture. This is especially useful if you are a staffing or recruitment firm and want to set up interviews using different brand names and themes. 

This is how it works – You can now go to your Jobma settings and create different interview templates (this is the page on which the candidate starts their interview) to include multiple branding options. So you can create multiple interview environments using branding material from different organisations you might be hiring on behalf of using Jobma’s online interview software.

AI Emotion Analysis:

Understanding the candidate’s emotional state and thought process is crucial when hiring. Powered by the latest technology, our AI Emotion Analysis feature can help you analyse the candidate’s emotions during a video interview. This feature provides recruiters with valuable insights into the candidate’s emotional state, which can help them make more informed hiring decisions.

AI emotional analysis can help to improve the interview process by providing additional insights into a candidate’s emotional responses and reducing the potential for bias. By leveraging this technology, organizations can make the interview process more effective, efficient, and fair.

Giving you more tools to augment your decision-making during the hiring process has been the core of what we at Jobma believe in. And our newest update – Live Proctoring, Multiple Theme Templates, AI Transcription, and AI Emotion Analysis – is designed to do just that. We hope this will enhance your hiring process and make it more efficient, reliable, and effective. These features are available now for you to use. To get started, reach out to our team at support@jobma.com