What is a Video Interview? – Jobma

What is a Video Interview? – Jobma

A video interview is a job interview that conducts remotely and uses video technology as the communication medium. Video interviews are increasingly becoming a popular medium to assess, connect, screen, and shortlist the candidates in the recruitment industry because of their ability to reduce time-taken and investment involved in traditional, in-person interviews. It is designed to eliminate geographic limitations, automate candidate screening, and encourage data-driven hiring. And enhance the interviewing experience of recruiters and the candidates.

Over the years, video interviews have become a critical part of the hiring process for a lot of organizations. In the initial recruitment stage, the hiring manager could record interview questions once for all and ask applicants to record themselves answering the interview questions with the help of video interviews. This allows the interviewers to screen candidates fast and shortlist the most deserving among them for higher interview stages.

How does a video interview work?

How video interview work

Before you start a video interview, work on branding candidate experience with your logo, color theme, pictures, intro-outro videos, and more. You can plan your video interview as follows:

Set the interview format

  • Work on a question set in advance that you will provide your candidates to record the answer. These questions can be in text or video format or accompanied by both.
  • Set the interview parameters such as think time, number of takes, and answer length.

Invite candidates to record the interview

  • There are a couple of ways to invite your candidates to complete a virtual interview. Send a customized email to each candidate one-by-one or bulk email by entering the candidates’ names and emails.
  • You can also send an invitation by uploading a CSV file. Don’t forget to copy and paste an interview link in your invitation email to the candidate.

Record and submit video responses

  • After candidates receive your invitation for a video interview, they’ll be guided with step-by-step instructions to record the interview.
  • Candidates have the option to complete the interview recording using a computer and webcam, laptop, or on a Mac, iOS/Android mobile phone.

Watch, score, and share the completed video interview

  • When a candidate completes and submits the video interview, you will get a notification.
  • Now, you can review the interview responses from anywhere, anytime, using any device.
  • Evaluate the interview by scoring, commenting and leaving feedback on it. To make your evaluation more accurate, you can collaborate with other hiring stakeholders or experts. Share the interview details with them and get their feedback quickly.
  • Make better hiring decisions and select the best candidates for the next round of interviews in a fraction of the time.

When you should use a Video Interviews

  • Video interviews are designed to make your recruitment process easy, fast, and comprehensive at different interviewing stages and enhance your complete interviewing experience.
  • One of the most common reasons for which businesses use a virtual digital solution in their hiring process is to make screening and shortlisting of the candidates automated and save themselves from hectic telephonic screening.

Over the years, video interviews have emerged as an impeccable replacement for telephonic screening.

Video interviews help employers overcome common hiring challenges, which includes:

Video interviews
  • High volume job applications
  • Low-quality face-to-face interviews
  • Lengthy recruitment schedules
  • Lack of collaboration in different hiring stakeholders
  • Access to non-local talent

How video interviews making hiring smooth for employers:

  • Automates initial screening/ Replace telephonic screen
  • Data-driven hiring/ scan candidates in less time
  • Screen many candidates at the same time
  • Standardize your interviewing process
  • Improve collaboration between recruiters and the hiring managers
  • Fix scheduling challenges
  • Review interviews remotely- from anywhere, at anytime
  • Improve time management in the hiring process
  • Check bad-fit candidates before in-person interviews.

The primary purpose of leveraging video interviews by the staffing and recruiting firms is to screen candidates effectively and prepare a list of the company’s most suitable candidates.

Reasons behind video interviews becoming common among staffing and recruiting firms are:

  • The increasing demand of tech trend
  • Low hiring and onboarding speed
  • To compete with other staffing and recruiting organizations
  • To maintain your business growth in the industry
  • Low candidate’s conversion rates
  • Integrate overseas candidates in your workforce

Video interviews helping recruiting industries:

  • Connect, identify and get suitable candidates quicker
  • Gain an edge over competitors not using digital technology
  • Brand their firm as tech-savvy and innovative
  • Improve collaboration within hiring team to ensure time is not wasted
  • Encourage data-driven hiring and improve quality of hire
  • Connect with candidates crossing geographical constraints

What are the benefits of video interviews?

benefits of video interviews

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly using video interviews to transform their recruitment process at a new high and attain greater interviewing experience.

Benefits of Video Interviews for Employers

Instead, replacing in-person interviews, the digital video interview is meant to shortlist quality candidates for the in-person interview and ensure a better quality of hire.

Save valuable time and money

Screening the candidates one-by-one can be time-consuming and increase your hiring budget. Video interviews automatically screen and shortlist the most suitable candidates for interviews before calling them in for in-person interviews and save a big chunk of time and money. The video interview is irreplaceable when it comes to eliminating interview headaches, screening candidates fast and reducing time-taken in the interview process.

Get better insight

Anyone who looks perfect in CV and sounds good in a telephonic interview may not be necessarily a right-fit for the position. However, a video interview allows you to observe non-verbal expressions, soft skills, and the candidates’ professional etiquette and make an evidence-based decision.

Streamline interviews

Video interviews standardize your hiring by streamlining your recruitment process. It avails interview recording and other candidate details on a centralized virtual platform for all the hiring stakeholders.  On top of that, it enables colleagues to comment and rate candidates and together comes to a better hiring decision.

Besides, from posting jobs on an online portal to selecting a suitable talent for the position, video interviews are used at many recruitment steps to make it fast, cost-effective, and comprehensive. If you also want to embrace a video interview into your talent acquisition department to outshine your competitors, Jobma is a suitable video interview platform for you. It is easy to use and highly affordable for all sizes of businesses.

To know more about What Is A Video Interview And How It Works, check out the blogs and FAQs section of Jobma.

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