Optimize Your Hiring Process

7 Effective Steps to Optimize Your Hiring Process

7 Effective Steps to Optimize Your Hiring Process

Recruiting new talent is a continuous and critical task of the talent acquisition industry. When it comes to identifying and selecting top candidates, hiring becomes more complicated than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. The hiring mistakes can prevent a star talent from engaging with your company as an employee. Including from poorly crafted JD (job descriptions) to lack of clear guidelines about the job opening, anything can go wrong and minimize your chances of hiring a right-fit candidate. However, with the right recruitment and onboarding process in place, you can soon optimize your efficiency to select the best candidates for the position.

Although each company has its specific approach to attract and engage candidates, there are some common steps that can help you hire qualified candidates. Below are 7 effective steps you can use to optimize your hiring process.

Build a strong employer brand

Creating a strong employer brand helps you attract passive candidates to your company and increase the employee retention rate.

If you actively manage your company’s brand by updating your profile, responding to reviews, engaging on social sites, and posting updates on the company’s work culture, it will help you attract candidates.

Make your moves quick

Officevibe survey on employee engagement found that top candidates got hired within 20 days of updating their resumes. Keeping this fact in mind, it’s important to act quickly, especially when you’re looking for a specific applicant. To make this happen, you should maintain routine follow-up with the candidate even if you haven’t yet decided on the candidate. Such initiative lets a candidate feel engaged.

Integrate digital means of hiring

It is witnessed that qualified candidates prefer associating with the organizations that keep up with the latest tech trends. Don’t hesitate or avoid updating your organization with new technology and use it to improve your work efficiency and employer branding. Use digital interviewing software to showcase you are tech-savvy and open to adopting new technologies. Explore your digital skills to observe and identify the right-fit candidate for you. Scanning the candidates’ social media profiles to evaluate them going beyond their CV could be a better example of using digital means in your recruitment process.

Write innovative and engaging JD

The majority of companies use traditional methods to write a job description with lists of roles and responsibilities. But a recent report of a wall street journal reveals that such an old approach to writing JD can alienate qualified employees.

Rather, you can adopt two progressive approaches in your job description: The Needs-Supplies Approach, which describes what the company can do for the employees. And the Demands-Abilities approach, which explains the company’s expectations from the candidate. Stressing over what your organization can do for employees helps you find the best-fit talent for your organization.

Encourage insightful interviewing

A narrow interviewing approach might result in selecting incapable employees. To counter this issue, it is important to focus on the candidate’s emotional quotient, temperament, and motivation level along with their educational and professional competencies.  Also, allow candidates to ask questions if they want. It will give you an understanding of your prospective employee’s mind.

Keep an eye on the review

Qualified candidates explore insider information about companies they want to engage with. And read reviews and ratings before applying for the position. Bad employee experience shared on a review site can prevent top candidates from applying to your company. So, we recommend you to be active on review websites and post accurate information. If needed, counter wrong information about your organization. If you find many negative reviews, it is an indication for you to improve your company work-culture before you fill-up any open position. Doing so will enhance your employee retention rate and help you score more positive reviews.

Offer career development courses

Offering career development courses to the candidates is a successful tool to improve employee’s retention rate and attract qualified candidates. This also enables you to use employee’s advanced expertise to enrich your workflow and attain greater business goals.

For sure, the above steps will help you optimize your hiring efficiency and improve the employee retention rate in your organization. If you want to enhance your talent acquisition team’s recruiting ability, Jobma on-demand video interviewing platform is a suitable digital HR tool for you.  It will help you automate your initial screening and narrow down the applicant’s lists. For more Tips To Conduct A Seamless Virtual Interview, you can also check Jobma’s blogs and FAQs section.

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