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5 Tips Help You Mastering Your Next Virtual Interview- For Recruiters

5 Tips Help You Mastering Your Next Virtual Interview- For Recruiters

The use of video interviewing to screen and shortlist applicants is becoming increasingly common among hiring managers. An organizational consulting firm, Korn Ferry, found in a survey that nearly 85 percent of recruiters leverage virtual interviews to narrow down their applicants’ list. This process enables recruiters to widen their talent pool and reduce businesses’ hiring investment by cutting down the travel expenses.

No doubt, online interviewing has introduced transformative changes in the recruitment industry. Perhaps, before you hop on a digital solution, its usage and purpose of integrating into your HR team should be clear in your mind. For employers, trying to enrich their hiring capabilities via online video interviewing tools. Here are five virtual interviewing tips to optimize your hiring and help you reduce your recruiting burdens.

Make yourself comfortable with the process

Whether it’s Jobma, Zoom, or Skype, take your time to understand the technology you are using. It’s even better if you can test your technology by virtually connecting with your colleagues to get feedback on your interviewing experience and check audio and video quality. It also helps you to present yourself as intended. Avoid last-minute preparation for the interviews. Doing this might increase the chances of technical glitches amid the live interview. And turn the event into a bad candidate’s experience that you will never want to happen.

If you’re struggling to use your video technology, don’t hesitate to reach out to your service provider and ask them for a detailed demo before the interview is scheduled. It will improve your interviewing efficiency and help you look comfortable, confident, and articulate in front of the candidates.

Create a professional interviewing zone

Create a dedicated interviewing space, similar to in-person interviews. It should be a quieter zone in your office or home with a professional background having the company’s promotional banner and logo. Such set-up helps you look professional in the camera, enhance company’s branding and let your interviewee feel they are in a face-to-face interview.

Set the scene to impress

The interview zone you have created should have requisite lighting (not too bright or dim) to maintain effective, clear, and engaging video quality. Set the camera at the level of your head and turn it slightly downward. This will help you maintain a straight body posture and look professional throughout the interview process.

Once done with the set-up, eliminate distractions completely. Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent, close the door or any nearby windows to muffle incoming noise. Also, make sure that things are arranged in the order in your surroundings.  The professional vibe in your surroundings will attract talented candidates to be part of your organization and enhance the employer’s branding.

Be (extra) prepared

Preparation before every interview is a must to attain an intended result. When It comes to interviewing the candidates via a virtual platform, this is even more important to be ready. If your preparation is not up-to-date, the candidate could feel cheated in the interview. If you don’t want this to happen, gather all interviewing materials such as the candidate’s resume, digital portfolio, your interview questions, notepad, and other things you might need when interviewing. You should also be ready to offer technical help to the candidates if they get into any technical issues during the interview. Such full-proof preparation sends a message to the candidates that your company endorses a professional and supportive work culture. And provides you an edge over your competitors when it comes to attracting star talent in your organization.

Be patient

Even though video technology is becoming popular, it’s still new to many recruiters and candidates. In case your candidate’s video technology stops working, give your interviewee some grace. If you can, offer technical support or reschedule the interview. Meanwhile, if you start getting a sudden technical hitch at your end when the interview is in progress, try to fix it. And if it’s not possible to fix the problem immediately, ask the candidate to suggest a suitable date and time to reschedule the interview.

Lastly, video interviews should be treated similar to in-person interviews. Neither you nor the candidates should take it for granted due to its remote operating nature. A casual approach when interacting with an interviewee might hurt your company’s brand among the candidates.

We hope these tips would improve your virtual interviewing experience and help you select the right-fit candidates. For more relevant tips and tricks of how to Ease Your Hiring Process,  check Jobma’s blog. If you are looking for an Easier and Faster recruiting solution, request a free demo of Jobma.

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