Steps to Make Your Hiring

7 Steps to Make Your Hiring Easier and Faster

7 Steps to Make Your Hiring Easier and Faster

Hiring new talent has never been an easy task for the talent acquisition department. It needs extraordinary effort to hire a right-fit candidate for the role. To ensure easy and fast hiring, integration of a Video Interview Software in your recruitment process can be a better solution. A video recruiting platform makes it easy for you to attract, engage and hire candidates from afar.

Online interview platforms offer you cutting-edge technology to connect with worldwide talent remotely. You can participate in the interview process sitting at your home or office using a virtual hiring tool. Besides, recruitment software comes with an automated screening feature. It screens a lot of candidates at the same time and lets you focus on the best applicants. In this topic, we’ll discuss how a virtual interviewing platform can make your recruitment process easier and transform it to the next level. To make it clear, let’s have a look at the below steps:

1. Make your Job Posting vibrant

When posting a job, make sure your job descriptions are comprehensive and attractive. The best way to engage good candidates is to understand the candidate’s expectations and come up with an honest job offer. Placement of job positions on the most suited job board to make sure its visibility among the target talent pool is another important aspect to attract deserving candidates. Going one step ahead, you can also check if it is easy for the talent acquisition department to share your jobs on multiple employment platforms quickly?

2. Make it Easy to Apply

Based on various research conducted by leading HR management agencies, it has been noticed that candidates aren’t willing to pay attention to lengthy and exhausting application processes. When filling applications form candidates’ expectations from you to provide a mobile-friendly format to complete the application process. To increase the number of applicants, keep the application process as simple as you can. If applicants’ effort to fill the form would be limited to parse their CVs and provide relevant information which is not available in CV, it will increase the number of applications for the position.

3. Prefer remote-based hiring

Hiring right-fit candidates from another corner of the globe involves a heavy investment and considered time-consuming. It takes months to exchange emails and schedule a meeting that suits everyone. But a remote-based hiring process allows you to connect with worldwide talent on a virtual platform. With its help, you can assess whether a candidate deserves an in-person interview or not. Implementation of such a smart decision reduces effort in the recruitment process and saves your valuable time.

4. Use effective tracking tools

Have you ever experienced that you are wasting your time on a misfit candidate after continuing 10 minutes in the interview process? No doubt you would’ve felt it not once but several times. Online video interview tools enable you to look into candidates’ details and capabilities before you invite them for in-person interviews. All you have to do is set a predetermined question and ask candidates to send a recorded response through a pre-recorded video interview tool. This cutting-edge feature fast-tracks your screening process more than ever before. It also allows you to observe candidates’ non-verbal expressions and soft-skills remotely and simplify your decision-making.

5. Structure Your Interview Questions

Missing track, diverting in small chit-chat, and less important topics when interviewing is a common practice by recruiters in manual screening. This may turn up interviews into a big waste of time and shortlisting of misfit candidates. Meanwhile, a well-structured interview ensures an accurate and right-fit selection to suit your job opening. A Video Interview software allows you to set predetermined questions based on the job profile once for all and make sure that your interview doesn’t divert due to unwanted discussion. In this process, every candidate is asked to respond to the same set of questions to be assessed & scored on the same parameter.

6. Sourcing of candidates.

To engage deserving candidates for the interview and select the most suitable talent that fits your company’s work culture and sourcing of suitable talent going beyond job boards can greatly multiply your number of applicants. Social media channels can prove an effective tool to source candidates. When posting an opening on different job boards, make sure your hiring team takes advantage of social recruiting.

7. Improve Candidates Engagement

Engagement with the candidates when hiring helps you understand the candidates better and decide whether they are suitable for your company’s work culture or not. It eliminates the chances of a bad hire and helps you select a consistent candidate that can stay longer with the company and contribute to its growth. Online video recruiting tool allows you to connect with the candidates 24*7 and improve your engagement level with them.

Definitely, these 7 steps make your hiring convenient, fast, and cost-effective. To know more about the benefits of video interview software, you can request a free demo of Jobma. You can also contact our technical support team to get an idea about how to ease your hiring.

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