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7 Ways Video Interview Can Ease Your Hiring Process

7 Ways Video Interview Can Ease Your Hiring Process

Video interviewing technology has made the hiring process much more convenient and streamlined. It provides you with automated features to connect with the talent pool working remotely and improves your ability to access the candidates 24*7. Virtual interviewing tools make transformative changes in your talent acquisition department through innovative and automated features. And alleviate numerous other hiring skills.

Video interview tools are especially built to simplify screening of the candidates. It helps you smooth hiring pain points in a traditional recruitment process and make talent acquisition convenient than ever before. Here we are providing you 7 ways a video interview can help you ease your hiring:

1. Ease scheduling burden

Even if you are inviting 20 candidates for in-person interviews, you may end up scheduling meetings manually for days or even weeks to find a convenient time for everyone. Such a traditional interviewing process delays your hiring schedule and escalates stress level. Whereas a one-way video interview makes your hiring asynchronous and allows you to participate in the interview process at your own chosen time and comfort. An online interviewing platform allows you to screen a lot of candidates at the same time. This feature helps you relieve much of the headache associated with traditional interviewing. With a virtual interviewing software, you can record interview questions once for all and review & score the candidates from anywhere. Whether you want to share candidates’ details or leave notes after review, it’s a matter of a few clicks if you are hiring with recruiting software.

2. Improve performance tracking

Video interviews allow you to record candidate’s interviews and compare a top performer from the rest more effectively. We all know selecting a suitable candidate to fit in a role is a tough task, a virtual video interview tool helps you decide what suits your job description and what not. You can also observe a candidate’s non-verbal expressions and professional etiquettes using an online hiring platform and select the right-fit candidate for your company.

When it comes to selecting a prospective candidate exactly similar to an extremely successful employee in your company, a video recruiting platform provides you well processed data that is not possible manually.

3. Encourage consistent interviewing

Consistency in the interviews process is a must to compare the candidates when making final decisions. It helps recruiters ensure a fair hiring process and select the right-fit candidate for the role. Predetermine interview questions on a video interview platform help you eliminate the chances of biased hiring. With a video interview you can streamline all the hiring stakeholders on a single virtual platform and make it easy to maintain consistency in interview process across the board. Whether it is to select a default, or customize interview schedule a virtual recruiting tool make it easy for you to design your hiring schedule based on need.

4. Encourages insightful hiring

When inviting a long-distance talent on your interview board, you may need to wear travel expenses, pay for meals and stay. But, engagement of a video interviewing technology helps you save high price expanses at the initial stages of hiring. If the candidate from another part of the world suits your job description at the screening level, you can invite them to participate in video interviews and check whether they have real talent or only good on paper. You don’t have to invest in their travel and stay to have a feel of their capability. From there, you can gauge whether a candidate is worth a more in-depth, face-to-face meeting or not?

5. Test of technical abilities

Clean interview submission by a candidate without any error indicates that a candidate is familiar with new technology and knows how to use it. Online video recruitment software provides you an opportunity to test a candidate’s technical ability without mentioning it in essential or desirable criteria. Because only those who have some degree of understanding about video interview technology and recording themselves on camera can successfully make their way to the interview process.

6. Optimize your effort

When screening manually, your process becomes time-consuming and stressful. You have to check every new applicant and find out if they have qualifications to be a right-fit or not? But if you are hiring using a video interview tool, it reduces your screening time by more than half. Besides, virtual hiring helps you reduce interview rounds and invest your time exploring the most suitable candidates and select star talent for the role. Such hiring advantages contribute to your company’s growth and enrich your workflow.

7. Be on the cutting edge

Engagement of video interview software in the hiring process helps you improve branding of your company. And pass a clear message to the applicants that you’re tech-savvy and believe in practicing cutting-edge technology in your business affairs. Your tech-friendly approach helps you attract candidates that enjoy working in a technical ecosystem. It also helps you bring on board those candidates who don’t hesitate to take on new challenges, learn new tools and technology.

Video interviewing technology in your talent acquisition department not only helps you connect with worldwide talent remotely but more than this, it improves your branding among the global talent pool.

If you are looking for an interviewing tool to ease your hiring process and make it fast, Jobma video interviewing software is a perfect solution for you. It charges just $ 1 per interview and transforms your ability to hire at a new high. You can also visit our official website and request for a free demo to check the compatibility of Jobma with your HR team.

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