How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview?

How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview?

The ever-growing influence of technology in professional and personal life is changing our way of working. Digitalization is becoming more common in the workspace. And if you are living a dream to get a good job, you should possess unique skills that help you succeed in a virtual interview. Many applicants mistook video interviews for informal conversations and face rejection of recruiters.

For prospective employees, trying to get a job via virtual interview software. Here are some tips to reduce the stress of virtual interviewing and help you get the job.

Test Your Technology

The moment you decided to appear in a virtual interview, test your technology to avoid technical glitches amid the interview. Check your internet connectivity, camera function, and microphone are working properly. If the internet speed is not good, the picture is blurry, or you’re experiencing an audio issue, fix it before the interview starts. A tech-friendly candidate is one of the top priorities employers are concentrating on. If they find you are struggling to fix your audio or lighting in a live interview, it might raise questions in the interviewer’s mind. Whether you are tech-savvy or not?

Set up a professional visual effect

Pre-decide a place to sit and interview. Find a room with appropriate lighting, prefer sitting near a window or a blank wall, and make sure that you’re in the centre of your camera position. Avoid too much stuffed and colorful background, it may distract the interviewer’s concentration from you. Whether you sit on your living room couch or in your workspace at home, arrange your surroundings in a neat and ordered way. Don’t say you’re detail-oriented, let your employers visualize it.

When the moment comes, eliminate all possible distractions. Restrict your pet from roaming around you, turn off the TV or music system, put your mobile on silent mode, and close windows to muffle outside traffic.

Dress professional

You might be participating in the interview from your home, but you shouldn’t look informal. Your casual approach would convey a message to the hiring managers that you are not serious about this position. Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Your dressing, etiquettes, and manner should reflect a professional vibe to the employers.  A professional approach would optimize your chance of getting hired.

Monitor Your Body Language

When the interview starts, the non-verbal way to look well-mannered and communicate confidence is to sit calm and straight. Response to the hiring manager with a smile and maintain eye contact with the camera. Employers are more likely to engage with you and concentrate on what you said when you maintain eye contact. Cracking fingers, touching hair, or looking here and there might distract employers’ focus from your answer to your body movements and lead to your disqualification for the job.

At last, before the interview sum-up, don’t forget to thank employers for giving you an opportunity to join in the interview process. And share your experience or advice if asked by the recruiters. It will brand your image as a sincere candidate and enhance your chances of selection.

The above information will help you improve your virtual interviewing skills and fills you with confidence to participate in a video interview. For more such tips and suggestions, you can check out other blogs of Jobma or simply contact our technical support team.

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