Top 5 Technological Trends that Redefine HR Management

Top 5 Technological Trends that Redefine HR Management

Human resource (HR) management is an ever going effort of dealing with people and providing organizations with the best human capital to ensure an optimal outcome. It also has to ensure greater employee experience at the workplace. Now while living through covid pandemic, companies are increasingly adopting remote working culture. And HR management worldwide is facing new challenges in finding, engaging, hiring, and retaining employees from afar. To deal with the issues of how to operate effective HR functionalities remotely, businesses have come up with innovative technological trends that are transforming HR management practices at the next level. Technology has become the lifeblood of modern HR, as it is designed to bring a significant difference in the recruitment process, employee management, and optimizing workforce abilities.

Not only recruitment, HR technology helps organizations manage multiple business affairs, including talent engagement, applicant tracking, payroll & benefits, talent management, and more. In this post, we’ve come up with some key tech trends redefining the ways of HR management, especially when working remotely. We’ll also provide a list of hand-picked leading HR applications you could use to boost employee productivity and overall business growth. Let’s go through trending technological trends increasingly becoming popular among the talent acquisition department to make HR works convenient and tech-savvy.

Big Data-Gateway to Information

One of the key technological trends that are significantly influencing HR management is Big Data. It is the collection of data that is growing exponentially with time and huge in volume. And helping HR experts and professionals to understand their customers through an ample amount of analytics and information.  Big Data allows HR personnel access to deep insight When integrated with the hiring tool kit. It fosters data-driven decision-making and encourages evidence-based hiring instead of relying on guts. It opens a new horizon by allowing HR people to manage critical HR work using the available essential data.

Moreover, cutting-edge data-based analytics helps recruiters hire suitable talent for the position and let them make evidence-based, comprehensive decisions.  An HR survey on increasing data and analytics trends in modern recruitment practices reveals that 68% of organizations were leveraging analytics to scan the candidate before the covid pandemic that surged up to 86% due to extended use of video interviewing software to maintain hiring amid covid breakout.

Mobile Apps Are the Future

A mobile app dedicated to easy HR activities has started to dominate the HR landscape. It allows your HR team to instantly connect with the right candidates, making it a compatible solution to access and adapt for all sizes of businesses. Besides, the mobile app helps HR professionals build greater understanding and transform employee management skills at the next level. Moreover, the trend of creating mobile-based applications that streamline HR works continues to evolve. Today, the mobile version of every application a company develops has become essential for its success. In fact, plenty of users prefer mobile-enabled applications for core HR responsibilities as it allows greater flexibility.  With the fast-track digitalisation of HR works, mobile HR apps are most likely to be an inevitable part of the modern workplace. The extensive use of video interviewing apps by organizations and applicants when interviewing is the best example of mobile app dominance in HR practices.

Social Media – An Influential Tool

The use of social media to ensure effective recruitment and improve employer branding has become an important component of HR management. It plays an active role in attracting qualified candidates for the position and improving the applicant conversion rate in an interview process. The exponential use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to attain HR goals is the best example of rising trends of social media platforms in HR activities. Social media not only supports recruitment but also is recognized as a prime source of image building of an organization. It offers countless benefits to HR professionals and updates them with trending news, technology, and events. Moreover, it serves as a remarkable platform to nurture relationships and share the industry’s knowledge and activities. When it comes to digital HR trends, social media platforms have emerged as a powerful tool to engage employees, encourage communications in the workplace, and build relationships.

Cloud Technology & SaaS

With the integration of cloud technologies, all information, such as documents, employees’ details, and other significant data, can be easily accessed online. Whether it’s web or in-house applications, SaaS apps play a key role in all verticals. Cloud-based applications ensure business efficiencies, competitive advantages, and cost benefits to the organizations that turn it into the most trending technology among businesses. Cloud technology has brought a revolutionary change to data archive and organize and make it more secure and easily accessible.

Artificial Intelligence in HR Trend

AI-powered virtual interview technology plays an important role in discovering, engaging, and hiring the right talent. AI-enabled technology could help recruiters scan applicants’ capabilities working remotely before calling them in for interviews and significantly reduces the time and budget involved in the recruitment process. HR professionals could identify competencies and hire applicants that match skills using AI technology.  Not only this, AI technology could help you with the onboarding and training of the new workforce and ease employee management efforts.

While living through the covid pandemic, HR technology evolves as excellent remote support to HR management and continues to serve HR professionals. Jobma video interviewing technology with ATS integration and mobile app hiring features is one such technology that helps HR departments optimize their productivity while working from afar. Jobma provides remote-based capabilities to maintain hiring effectively. Have you any questions regarding trending technology for HR management? Feel free to connect us on our official website.