Best practices for recruiting by using social media: Jobma

Best practices for recruiting by using social media: Jobma

Recruiting practices have changed tremendously over the past years. Companies need to grow their workforce rapidly to be in the competitive landscape. Therefore, incorporating social media recruiting in your hiring process is crucial. Social media recruiting is much more than just publishing a job opportunity and piling up resumes. It is not a trend anymore, but one of the most commonly used talent acquisition tactics. According to a study, 92% of recruiters use social media to attract potential candidates.

As the job market is shifting, organizations are changing their ways of seeking new talents and skill sets. Companies are trying different ways to be in the competition. 49% of hiring managers say their companies are now using virtual hiring methods to hire and engage candidates effectively. These organizations are embracing video interview software to hire candidates remotely worldwide. Moreover, many companies are using social media recruitment to spot the best talent.

Social media channels will only gain power in the upcoming years. You will see more creative hiring ideas and solutions on these virtual platforms. It is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to recognize a talented candidate pool. However, one has to make effective strategies to keep up with the trend. This blog will discuss the best practices for recruiting via social media.

What is social media recruiting?

Prior to arriving at the best strategies for social media recruiting, let’s get familiar with the definition of social media recruiting. It is a popular hiring strategy to find the best talent for the job. Simply put, using different social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., for discovering, attracting, sourcing, and hiring candidates is known as social media recruitment.

Social media recruiting works, and it serves as a complement to the traditional hiring methods. Moreover, it is an essential part of recruitment marketing. Besides hiring, social media is used in employer branding as well. As per a study, three-quarters of employees found their recent jobs through social media.

Top recruiting strategies using social media

Although social media is popular, but you can only get the desired outcome if you implement the best practices. To get the best results from social media recruiting, apply the following strategies.

1. Determine your goals

Creating a solid foundation is always the first step on the path to success. Companies might get tangled up while connecting with different candidates through multiple social media platforms. You will encounter unnecessary problems if you just begin giving your attention to different platforms without any clear goal. Hiring managers must focus on creating a detailed plan. They must determine which social media platform is the best for which purpose. For example, HR professionals should use LinkedIn to learn about the candidate’s professional experience. Twitter is a great platform to engage your candidates and learn whether they will align with your company culture or not.

2. Choose the right channels

Whether you are looking for Baby Boomers, Millennials, or Generation Z, you must use the right platform to attract a wider pool of talented candidates. Many social media channels are available, and therefore, it is important to understand the working of each channel. Find out the primary audience on each platform, and plan your strategies accordingly. Some of the best channels for hiring purposes are-

  • Facebook is a great option for finding potential candidates. It has a Graph Search option where you can find individuals with specific talents. 
  • You can use LinkedIn to connect with different people and grow your network. Make sure you use keywords in each post to attract the requisite skilled candidates. 
  • For posting job opportunities, Twitter is also an excellent option. However, you can write up to 140 characters in one post, but you can add videos to earn candidates’ attention. 
  • To promote your brand, Instagram is highly recommended. You can post videos, pictures, and text captions to attract job seekers. Always ensure to use the hashtag strategy to maximize the reach.

3. Understand the power of hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the best practices for effective social media recruiting. The power of hashtags is unmatchable. You can easily increase the scope and spread your message by using the right hashtags. Hiring managers should do some research and find out which hashtags are trending. They must discover what hashtags job seekers follow, and use them in their posts. Hashtags should be generic to attract the talented pool. If your industry doesn’t have any relevant hashtags, don’t lose hope. Create your own hashtags, and make a strategy to get them trending. Ensure to make unique hashtags to convey the message of your brand clearly.

4. Build an online reputation

It is essential to create a strong online presence because most candidates search for companies over online platforms before applying for the job. Your online presence should speak about your company’s values and mission. Improve your employer brand, and be the company that everyone seeks. Share content on different social media platforms that highlight your company is a great place to work. Here are some of the tips for establishing an excellent online presence.

  • Learn about your organization’s culture and core values, and promote them over different social media channels. Write creative or eye-catching captions to grab candidates’ attention.
  • Add photos and videos of any event held in your company to social media platforms. It highly intrigues candidates. They love companies that celebrate different festivals eagerly. 
  • Ask your employees to post reviews on different social media channels. Promoting employee experience is a great way to attract quality job seekers. Nothing is better for your brand image than showcasing what it is like to work in your company.

5. Get employees’ help

To enrich your social media recruitment efforts, you need to take help from your employees. Companies that have employer brand ambassadors automatically increase their hiring reach. These companies are more successful in attracting new candidates and recruiting potential candidates. According to a survey by Monster, 65% of participants consider a new job if they heard about the company from one of its current employees. Employee referral is always a benefit, and you can use it to achieve your social media recruiting goals. Lean on your current employees, and encourage them to share posts regarding their work experience on different social media networks.

Summing it up

Companies now understand that using social media recruiting is beneficial not only for expanding the candidate pool but also for finding qualified applicants. If you are implementing this method of recruiting for the first time, be patient with the process. It takes time to build an online presence and discover the right candidates. Use all the tips mentioned above for smooth social media recruiting and hire the best candidates. Don’t think twice; just adopt social media hiring as it is beneficial for your company.

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