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Ideas to Celebrate Memorial Day at Work – Jobma

Ideas to Celebrate Memorial Day at Work – Jobma

Memorial Day has different significance for everyone. It is often referred to as the unofficial start of the summer. Family reunions, cookouts, and weekend trips are the traditional activities for this holiday. However, all these things can’t take away the importance of what the day truly signifies. Originally, this day was called Decoration Day, and it started after the Civil War. People used to decorate martyrs’ graves with flowers to honor the loved ones they have lost Memorial Day is a day of remembrance as much as it is a day of celebration. While celebrating loved ones and good food, we should not forget to praise the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. If you are stuck at your office on Memorial Day, make sure to celebrate the day there as well.

Does your workplace hold casual celebrations for Halloween, Christmas, etc.? What about other holidays, like Memorial Day celebrations? Offices should celebrate this day at the workplace to develop an understanding among employees about the significance of the day. Additionally, it can boost employees’ morale and motivate them.

Why should we celebrate Memorial Day at the workplace?

Celebrating the importance of Memorial Day celebration at work helps to enlighten the present generation about the sacrifices made by war veterans. Many employees see this day as a national holiday but are unaware of its significance. Therefore, every workplace should commemorate the people who lost their lives for our country.

Why should we celebrate Memorial Day at the workplace

HR professionals can use multiple ideas to celebrate Memorial Day at the workplace. Honor soldiers at your office and create a new tradition. We have curated a list of ideas for you to celebrate this patriotic day without skipping the work.

15 Ways to celebrate Memorial Day at work

Fun ways to celebrate Memorial Day at work with your on-site team:

1. Create a display

To honor the people who laid down their lives, you can create a display wall with the names of the lost ones. It is a great way to show your support for the armed forces. Moreover, employees will also understand the sacrifices made by brave heroes to save our nation. You can even use red poppies, which are the traditional flowers of Memorial Day celebration. Furthermore, you can also distribute Memorial Day booklets to your employees to help them learn the importance of the day. They can gain a better understanding of the day’s significance in the country’s history.

2. Arrange a team barbeque

Team barbeque is one of the best ways to celebrate any festivity. Take your team to any restaurant, or arrange it at someone’s place. Play some team-building activities, such as charades, bingo, trivia, and more, to add fun elements to the barbeque. You can also ask your team members to highlight the importance of the day through a speech. If you are following hybrid work culture, then you can arrange the barbeque virtually as well. You can use virtual interview software for the same purpose. Having a team barbeque will help improve the team’s communication and bonding.

3. Set a dress code

You can show your patriotism by wearing a Memorial Day-themed dress on this particular day. If there is one day to dress in patriotic colors,  it is Memorial Day. Set a dress code for your employees that resonates with the national flag. Tell your employees to dress in red, white, and blue colors. Request them to follow the dress code and honor the spirit of the holiday. Dressing in the flag’s colors is also a way to show your honor towards martyrs.

4. Host a flower craft party

Hosting a flower party is an efficient approach to commemorate this day. It is easy to set up. Buy flowers, and provide them to your team members; they will make the flower arrangements. They can make different shapes with the flowers, like a flag, to show their patriotism. Your team can also send flowers to families who are currently serving the nation to show love and gratitude for them.

5. Take your employees to a parade

Even if you are at your workplace, give employees a chance to pay respect to fallen soldiers by watching or attending a Memorial Day parade. Visit the official site of the state government to check if there is any Memorial Day parade nearby. The main aim of the parade is to draw the attention of netizens to the true meaning of this day. Through the parade, people honor those who have died serving the country. Arrange the transportation needed for your team, and let them thoroughly enjoy the parade.

6. Conduct a decoration competition

Decorate your office in patriotic colors to keep the day’s spirit alive. If your workplace looks dull, the employees will lose the spirit of the day. You can even play the music that goes well with this day. Use blue and red-themed balloons, streamers, tablecloths, etc., to celebrate the day. Ask your team to decorate their work desks while keeping the Memorial Day theme in mind. Make it a competition, and give the prize to the best decorator. It will encourage your employees to participate.

7. Gift poppies to employees

To involve all your employees in the celebration of Memorial Day, give them paper poppies to wear on shirts like a badge. As mentioned earlier, poppies have a strong association with this day, and they are used to honor and respect the soldiers. You can set the tone for the entire day by giving out poppies at the start of the day.

8. Appreciate a veteran

However, Memorial Day is for paying respect to martyrs, but it is also an excellent opportunity to express your heartfelt gratitude to soldiers who had served the country in the past and are still serving now. You can show appreciation towards them in the following ways.

  • Donate to a veteran organization
  • Send a thank you letter or card 
  • Call veterans to honor them, and listen to their stories.

You can even plan a lunch for war veterans. Make a list of employees whose families had served the nation. Call them all, and host a lunch to honor them. Spending time with veterans will instill a sense of respect and appreciation in employees towards them.

9. Donate to a Veteran Organization

Send a thank you letter or card 

Call veterans to honor them, and listen to their stories.

You can even plan a lunch for war veterans. Make a list of employees whose families have served the nation. Call them all, and host a lunch to honor them. Spending time with veterans will instill a sense of respect and appreciation in employees towards them.

10. Run a social media drive

Connect with people on Memorial Day, and foster your communication with them through social media. Share memories, stories, and pictures of your decorated office on these handles. Use the organization’s social media platform to share how you are remembering those Bravehearts and celebrating their lives. Encourage your employees to be active on social media, and share their thoughts. Post pictures of the family members of employees who had worked in the military or are still working. It will be good for your company’s outward appearance as well.

11. Organize Volunteering Activities

Organizing some volunteering activities is an excellent way to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in the war. Encourage your employees to donate something to NGOs that work for the well-being of veterans. They can also participate in other initiatives and volunteer for some activities. Moreover, you should make these kinds of volunteering activities a regular organizational norm to thank the exceptional service of veterans.

Virtual Memorial Day Work Activities for Remote Teams

Discover creative Memorial Day activities for work to make your celebration stand out! Here are 5 unique ideas for team-building activities for Memorial Day remotely:

Virtual Memorial Day Work Activities for Remote Teams

1. Virtual Guest Speaker

Invite a local veteran or military historian to host a virtual session. They can share personal stories, and historical insights, and answer team questions about Memorial Day’s significance. This firsthand perspective adds depth and fosters a sense of connection.

2. “State Capitals, Salute the States” Challenge

Put a patriotic spin on a geography quiz! Divide your team into virtual “platoons” and challenge them to identify state capitals based on clues related to veterans’ memorials or military history. This activity combines fun with learning, fostering friendly competition and teamwork.

3. “Operation: Care Package” Collaboration

Organize a virtual packing party for deployed troops or veterans in need. Provide a list of suggested items beforehand, allowing team members to contribute financially or by purchasing items online. During the virtual gathering, everyone can “pack” the care packages virtually, fostering camaraderie and giving back.

4. Thank You Note Chain

Spread gratitude by starting a virtual chain of thank-you notes. Each team member composes a message expressing appreciation for a veteran in their family or community, then shares it with the next person. This heartfelt exercise honors veterans while strengthening team bonds.

5. DIY Memorial Crafts

Send out a care package with craft supplies for everyone to create a personalized token of remembrance. This could be a decorated frame for a veteran’s photo, a hand-stitched flag, or a written message of appreciation. Share pictures of the finished crafts virtually to create a sense of shared purpose.

Summing it up

Use these ideas to commemorate Memorial Day at your workplace. Furthermore, you can expand these ideas to make your day even more eventful. These kinds of holidays are a great way to engage your employees and make your workplace a better place. Be proactive during these events to get better results from employees.