Your Best Employees Retention Guide – Creative Tips

Your Best Employees Retention Guide – Creative Tips

Employee retention is an organization’s ability to prevent employee turnover, or the number of employees who quit their job in a certain period, either voluntarily or involuntarily. An increase in employee retention has a direct impact on business performance and success.

The traditional employee retention methods are not sufficient when the labor market is so vast. A company needs to adopt some creative techniques to retain its employees to avoid negative impacts on the business.

Some of such methods are mentioned here:

1) Making the Correct Hiring Decision from the Beginning

Hiring requires a business to invest time and money, if done frequently, it can affect finances and the company’s performance. A better hiring process would be helpful to find the best candidate for the job on the first try. One such hiring platform that a recruiter can choose is Jobma. Jobma is a video interviewing software that provides one-way and live interviewing to eliminate the less qualified candidates at the initial hiring levels. Jobma also offers free ATS integrations and is available in over 50 countries, supporting 14 languages.

Getting the best person possible for the job helps the business yield better results in the long run.

2) Flexible Work Protocols

Team leaders and senior officials need to keep in mind that employees are not robots, and it is normal for them to not be at the top of the game every now and then An employee who is overworked in their position can easily become unmotivated and feel unattached to the company if their bosses write them up for one day of bad performance. Regular seminars about employee efficiency and work pressure management should be organized for the team heads and reporting officials.

3) Regular Appreciation

An employee who does exceptionally well on a project should be recognized in a timely manner; this can make them feel noticed and motivate them to keep performing better for the company. Underappreciated employees tend to move on to new jobs for personal growth and self-motivation. Small rewards for their regular achievements would bring employee loyalty, resulting in their long work tenure.

Some rewards to consider:

* cash rewards
* a gift voucher or discount coupon to a  shopping app
* a small celebration of their achievement such as flowers or cake at lunch.

This can improve the work performance of the employees in the company and build a good image of the company in the corporate market.

4) Build A Brand Employees Look Up To

With the increasing influence of social media in our lives, everything revolves around a good brand name. A company’s brand should be one that employees feel proud to be a part of. Participating in regular Corporate Social responsibility events gives companies a better market reputation and exposure. Employees would want to continue working in an organization that is respected in society.

5) Empathetic Leaders Not Bosses

Researchers say that the internet is getting smarter every hour. The Digital world is overgrowing and it can be difficult for employees to stay updated with every advancement. The reporting managers or team leaders should consider this fact and be empathetic towards the employees and offer support if they fail to do specific tasks as per their expectations. The employees should not feel terrified when they are unable able to complete their projects as guided; instead, they should feel comfortable in asking for help from their employers.

6) Safe and Hygienic Work Place

An ideal workplace will always require two aspects, safety of the employees and proper hygienic conditions, especially post-pandemic.


An employee should feel absolutely secure while they are at work. This involves two factors.

  • A proper gated office area with qualified security.
  • A strict disciplinary protocol practiced inside the work premises provides a safe environment to work in.


Hygiene is an essential factor in the office which has become even more crucial post-pandemic. It is necessary to have regular sanitization and a clean environment in the office to safeguard employee health and avoid spreading any disease among the office employees.

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7) Be A Part of Their Special Day

Employees should be recognized on their birthday, a card, small gift, dessert, or free lunch are all great ways to show employees that they are appreciated Everyone likes to feel special, remembering birthdays is a great way to recognize employees on an individual level.


The above-mentioned employee retention tips would not only improve the longevity of the employees within the business but would also benefit the reputation of the company in the labor market.

A high employee retention rate is often a top priority that reduces the constraints of recruitment and saves them time and expenses involved in the hiring process.