Ideas to Reward Your Remote Employees and Why Should You Do It?

Ideas to Reward Your Remote Employees and Why Should You Do It?

The modern work culture saw a big change in the number of employees opting to work from home instead of going to the office. With companies offering permanent work from home, the HR teams work tirelessly to create a strong reward system for remote employees.

A strong reward system will increase motivation in the workplace and keep the employees engaged. Recognition for remote employees will bring a positive change in the remote work culture as it will help improve work productivity.

How are rewards for remote employees different?

A remote reward is a benefit or gift offered to an employee that they will receive digitally. The employee doesn’t have to be available in the office to get the reward. So, the challenge is to find something that can be sent digitally or delivered to remote employees.

The traditional system was to praise an employee for their strong performance or give them a gift in a team meeting. These options are not applicable for remote employees, so the recruiters have to think of modern methods.

Why should you provide rewards for remote employees?

It is crucial that you invest in rewarding your remote employees to drive great results for your business. According to a survey, 87% of HR employees agree that rewards and recognition help in motivating employees to improve productivity. It has also been proven that employees who receive appreciation from their boss also tend to stay longer in the company.

7 Ideas to reward your remote employees

Here are seven innovative ideas you can use to reward remote employees and build a digital culture for your business.

1. Gift Cards and Subscriptions

The easiest way to reward remote employees is to send a gift voucher or digital subscription. Get a subscription plan to streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, or any other to let your employees binge-watch their favorite shows during the weekend. Here are a few suggestions to reward your employees:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Netflix subscription
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Shopping coupons

2. Add Appreciation Posts on LinkedIn

A simple and effective way to show appreciation to your employee is to write a thank you note on LinkedIn. It feels like the highest form of recognition on a professional job platform such as LinkedIn. When someone acknowledges your success on a social media platform, it will boost your confidence and motivate you to work harder.

3. Offer Work Flexibility

Remote work is often time-consuming and makes it difficult to manage work-life balance. Some employees can start to feel exhausted, it could be significantly beneficial to the organization if you offer them the freedom to manage their working hours. In doing this, it tells your employee that you have trust in them, building a strong sense of rapport.

4. Upgrades for Home Office

Many remote employees will spend most of their time in their home office. Helping your employees set up their home office will effectively improve their productivity. Ask your employees about the upgrades they require for the home office and customize the reward for everyone. The upgrades such as a comfortable chair, monitor, soft-touch keyboards, headphones, webcams, organizational tools or similar products will help upgrade their workspace.

5. Training and Development Programs

Professional development is one of the biggest rewards for employees as they continue to learn new skills. With personal development, the employees will bring success to the organization. Try offering online courses, one-on-one mentorship programs, certifications, or other relevant programs.

6. Increase Lunch-time Duration

Remote work is already stressful for employees as they have to handle different personal tasks during their lunch break. It means that some employees spend their lunch-time caring for children or family members, completing chores, or managing personal matters instead of taking care of their health. Offer a two-hour lunch break a few times a week as a reward, so your employees maintain a healthy balance in their lifestyle.

7. Give Bonuses and Allowances

Everyone loves a bonus in their hands, especially remote employees, as they have different expenses to take care of. The bonus and allowances will motivate employees to remain productive in their homes. Such rewards will help the employees to upgrade their home office or even manage their monthly budget. It is a great way to remind the employees that the company appreciates their hard work.

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Every business wants their top talent to stay in the company longer, and for that, you need to make them feel appreciated. With rewards for remote employees, you will see improvement in employee engagement, performance, management, and experience. All these ideas have already displayed impressive results for many companies, so choose the most suitable option for your organization.