HR Needs to Focus on Automation in Recruitment

HR Needs to Focus on Automation in Recruitment

Automation technology has paved its way into many industries. The Recruitment industry has also transformed over the years, 96% of recruiters now believe that AI can significantly improve their talent acquisition process.

Virtually all HR services can be automated to some level. Automation enables advancement by eliminating specific job functions. It removes human inefficiency and creates a consistent recruitment process. Let’s check out the changes automation brought in the recruitment industry and why HR teams should consider it.

How has automation changed the recruitment process?

Everyone has a different level of understanding about automation technology, and it is the reason why the industry is still divided about its implementation. This innovation focuses on improving productivity, which streamlines the recruitment process.


Hiring has rapidly automated, with repetitive tasks handled by artificial intelligence. It provides HR professionals more time to focus on high-level recruitment tasks. Workforce analytics and chatbots are already using automated technologies to source the talent pool. The Most notable changes that automation brought to recruitment are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Enhanced candidate experience
  • Reduced time to hire


Employee training programs have immense potential to grow with automation technology. With the use of virtual reality and electronic instructions, it could eliminate traditional master-apprentice training methods. New hires can easily watch tutorials, webinars, and recorded training videos during their free time to learn job-related skills.

Employee Management

Automation empowers your employees with the capabilities to create and manage their personal records on digital servers. When employees can manage simple HR tasks, it will reduce some burden from HR professionals. HR may have to take on the added responsibility of managing information that the employees can share digitally.

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What do statistics say about automation in recruitment?

Modernizing your HR ecosystem will offer a huge advantage for your organization. Check out these interesting statistics about HR automation to learn more details.

  • Recruiters save two days of time per week with automated recruitment
  • Automated recruitment software serves 100% of applicants 
  • 92% of applicants find automated recruitment to be satisfactory
  • Automated recruitment reduces the cost per hire by 30%

How automation is used in recruitment?

Automation is used in different ways at different stages of recruitment. Learn how it improves various aspects of recruitment to create an efficient process.

Applicant Tracking Systems

A study from Capterra shows that 75% of HR managers use some type of applicant tracking system in their recruitment process. An ATS tool is used to collect information about a candidate and track their progress throughout the recruitment process. The applicant tracking system will start working once a candidate applies for an open position.

Schedule multiple interviews

In traditional recruitment, HR professionals have to manually handle schedules for interviews. Most of the time, it takes multiple calls to organize these interviews in order to get availability from both parties. Automation of the scheduling process saves a lot of time and creates a convenient experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

Manage pre-screening

Pre-screening tools can score and rank candidates in earlier stages of recruitment. With advanced automation pre-screening tools, you could evaluate a candidate’s skills, communication, characteristics, and experience. It automatically identifies the most suitable candidates and provides recruiters additional time to engage with top talents.

Social media recruitment

95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to post jobs and find candidates. Millennials tend to be more active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Focus on targeting websites where the potential candidates spend most of their time. Automate your social media posts for recruitment to target these potential applicants. Use the automation technology to scan your social media connections and source data about top talents.

Advertisement on job sites

Programmatic job advertisements have significantly boosted the quality of the talent pool for many organizations. In this process, automation technology is used for the purchase of digital advertisements. It will automatically target the ads for candidates who search for specific keywords on job sites. This will improve the quality of hiring and reduce the cost per hire.

Automation in recruitment can truly boost your hiring process and create a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Keep your automation efforts in favor of humans as they will be the heart of your organization. While the main focus is generally on process and technology, the actual transformation will only begin when you consistently put your employees at the top of your organization.