Administrative Professional Day

Six Ways to Celebrate the Administrative Professional Day

Six Ways to Celebrate the Administrative Professional Day

Administrative Professional day is observed to recognize the contributions of assistants and office staff. Giving gifts & greetings, sharing special messages & thoughts, and planning fun activities for staff are some popular ways to celebrate the occasion. The purpose of celebrating this event is to thank administrative professionals and show appreciation for their contribution to companies’ growth. The administrative professionals in your office act as the glue that holds the whole ship together. They coordinate with industry trends and make your organization look good. Here we introduce you to a top trending list of ideas about how to thank your administrative professionals this year:

Give an extra day off

What could be more memorable for APs than an extra day off? If your company allows a little flexibility, a day off on administrative professional day could fill your hard-working APs with joy and excitement. One extra day off for staff is a happiness treasure in the true sense. However, science has proven, and several governing bodies are considering giving flexibility to companies to have four working days instead of five or six. By giving your AP one extra day off, you’re showing how much you care for them. On this AP day, grab an opportunity to say to your colleagues and staff, “Hey, take an extra day off and take care of yourself.”

Improve their workspace

Everyone has something which they don’t like in their workspace. Fixing that pain point without bringing in your notice can act as a great relief and satisfaction for your Ap’s. Let them know that their comfort matters for you, and you love to provide a greater working experience at the workplace. Assembling a standing desk at your workspace, replacing an old chair with a new ergonomic chair, or arranging a personal laptop on AP day to make working flexibility positively impact your staff. While doing this, it would be better if you ask before making any changes. They’ll appreciate your concern and willingness to invest in their workspace.

Upgrade technology

Technology up-gradation on AP day could make a big difference. The technology that your staff use regularly matters a lot, and a little improvement in these technologies lead to an excellent working experience. If you are willing to show that your staff working experience matters for you, nothing can be better than bringing technological comfort on this AP day. Try to replace old, outdated software with upgraded ones to make an AP’s job convenient. For instance, a video recruiting software for your HR team could enhance their ability to hire talent remotely amid covid breakout. If you don’t want to ask your staff directly, take help from your IT department. Chances are they might know what could need an upgrade.

Not only that, technical advancement to maintain a high working standard and attain target objects in a time-bound manner is a must.

Simply give thank you cards

A good AP doesn’t just mean to help the boss but the whole office.  If you want to say thank you in a simple and affordable way for their contribution, buy some thank you cards. Then, distribute it to each staff member who is in direct contact with the AP. Now, ask them to write a thank you note and mention one special thing they really appreciate. When working remotely, you can do the same thing with the e-cards. If you are running out of time to do all these activities, going to your AP’s cabin or desk expressing your greetings followed by an enthusiastic handshake could work the same as a lot of thank you cards.

Take them out for lunch

No other way is more impactful than dining together to show your gratitude to someone. Find a new restaurant in your city that everyone is talking about? Or, a great nearby place may be a little costly for everyday lunch. And treat your APs with a nice lunch out. Try to make it a time for a casual interaction and show interest in their personal life. For remote working staff, set up a date for remote lunch! Send a free gift voucher for lunch to your AP from their favorite restaurant or delivery service and fix a time to connect over video conferencing.

Arrange treats in the office

Suppose it’s impossible to go out and celebrate AP day as per your expectations due to some inevitable reasons. Set up an in-house treat for the office. It’s even better if you can set aside an hour to gather the whole office together and appreciate your AP before hopping on the cake, ice cream, or whatever you arrange for the event. Providing treats makes the entire office happy and allows some lighter moments to your APs.

The above are some top trending and easy-to-go things you can try on this AP day. What do you think is the best way to celebrate an AP day? You can also ask your staff to provide a list of the top three activities to find out how your administrative professionals would like to observe this AP day.

Are you planning to celebrate the administrative professional day and have ideas different from us? Feel free to share it in the comment below.