Positive Environmental Impact of Virtual Hirings

Positive Environmental Impact of Virtual Hirings

Environmental degradation due to growing carbon emissions is one of humanity’s most challenging concerns of the 21st century.

In pursuit of high growth, businesses around the globe are setting aside devastating environmental degradation. Massive exploitation of natural resources and uncontrolled carbon emissions is leading to global warming.

Numerous studies on climate change reveal that nearly all greenhouse gas emissions increased over the last 150 years after the world’s economy’s tie-in with the idea that industrialization is the only way to achieve high growth and become powerful. Greenhouse gas emissions act like a blanket over the earth’s atmosphere and don’t allow heat and harmful radiation to escape into outer space. This gives a gradual rise to earth temperature and leads to global warming, disrupting the diversity of life and ecosystems that have lived and thrived in earth’s mild habitable climate for millions of years.

However, in recent years, the business world started taking global warming and environmental degradation seriously. An increasing number of organizations have become aware of how their conduct impacts the environment. It comes as no surprise that the digital transformation of the world economy, including HR industries, could be a reliable solution for environmental sustainability. This could be an innovative answer to the dual challenge of achieving higher growth in business and keeping ecological degradation low at a certain level.

Digitalization of the HR industry empowers recruiters with cloud-based storage space, automated screening, and unlimited interview recording. It eliminates the use of thick files for each candidate to store their details when talent acquisition practices—no need to explain that paper is made from wood, which leads to deforestation and contributes to environmental degradation. According to a report, an average US citizen uses the equivalent of seven trees worth of paper goods each year.  The use of a virtual recruitment platform by the companies and applicants could help reduce paper waste significantly and have a positive impact on the environment.

We at Jobma are committed to reducing the carbon footprint in the recruitment industry by integrating modern-day technology and innovative ideas into your hiring practices. The statistics reveal that up to 40% of all US carbon dioxide emissions are from buildings. And though that figure reflects inclusive data of commercial and residential buildings, it requires significantly less energy to make a home comfortable to live in compared to an office space. Using Jobma video interviewing, you can connect to the candidates and hire the most suitable talent for the position even from your home and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that make this world more sustainable to live in.

Integration of digital technology into businesses helps achieve economic & social growth and contributes to the environmental sustainability of our society. At Jobma, we are convinced that we can be part of the solution by replacing the traditional on-site model of interviews with affordable eco-friendly virtual hiring. Such efforts of Jobma foster technological automation and rebuild an economy based on sustainable environmental practices. We believe that adaptation of technology and constant innovation is an everlasting source of achieving the greater aim of environmental-friendly and sustainable growth. Hence, our objective is to provide users with cutting-edge virtual hiring technology to bring digital automation in recruitment practices and transform interviewing experience to the next level.

With the growing number of virtual hiring, Jobma is making it sustainable and affordable for recruiters to discover, engage and hire the right talent in more than 50 countries and 14 languages worldwide. An affordable pricing model of Jobma starting from free interviewing encourages more and more companies to adopt digital mediums of recruitment. And reduce CO2e emission to a large extent compared to traditional hiring practices.

Not only this, Jobma comes up with the latest technological updates to provide a more effective digital interviewing solution and engage a vast number of businesses for virtual hiring. We all know that on-site and traditional recruitment operations demand a lot of logistic support and involve activities such as transport of people from one place to another that contribute to CO2e emission and can be avoided by hiring people virtually. We at Jobma understand our responsibility towards global warming and climate change and offer a wide range of subscription plans and free video interviews to attract all sizes of businesses for digital interviewing. This ultimately reduces on-site hiring and greenhouse gas emissions that make a positive impact on the environment.

Best of all, automation of hiring practices and integration of top-notch digital recruiting features help Jobma transform user’s experience at the next level and enables them to make better hiring decisions faster. Using Jobma, you could send applicants details and receive feedback remotely. This significantly reduces your response time, helps you attract promising applicants to your job board, enriches your workflow, and enhances your employee retention ratio. Better decision-making narrows down the list of candidates who leave a new position for another one due to an odd-fit job.

As we witness how the digital transformation of the world economy could rebuild an economy that is more resilient than ever before, we request more organizations to adopt virtual recruitment practices to enjoy a positive impact on both the environment and business performance.