Top 10 Job boards websites in the US

Top 10 Job boards websites in the United States

Seeking the best job opportunity to convert your dream job into reality? There is no better way than exploring the job board sites for the same purpose. Job websites are a modern way to post or look for a great opportunity. Thankfully, there is a wide array of options you can explore when searching job boards. 

Embellished with unique features like resume tailoring, career coaching, and blog posts, job board websites are highly useful. These websites are the most efficient way to search for your next job. Moreover, if you are a recruiter, these sites are a blessing for you. Advertising the vacancy is very important to demand the attention of candidates. Some of these sites also serve as the video interview platform to enhance the digital recruiting experience. 

Whether you wish to upload the opening for your vacancy or want to search for the next job, these websites make all your work seamless. However, finding the right job board is not an easy task for recruiters as well as seekers. We have listed the best job board websites in the USA to help you with the selection of the right one.

1. Glassdoor

Opened in 2008, the sole purpose of Glassdoor is to facilitate employees with the best experience. It is a multi-functioning website where candidates can search for great opportunities within the shortest time. Additionally, it is both a powerful employer branding tool and a popular job board. Glassdoor database now has 2.1 million employers and 110 million company reviews.

Important features

  • Salary transparency is one of the best features of Glassdoor. 
  • If you are confused about joining any company,  there are many reviews on this website by employers. 
  • Apart from company reviews and salary transparency, it is a great job search engine. 
  • This platform will also send you emails regarding relevant openings once you have created your profile. 
  • It is completely free for candidates

2. Monster

Looking for a website that brings companies and talents together? Navigate to Monster, and see how it changes the world of job searching. This true initiative in digital recruiting was founded in 1994. If you ask anyone in the US about a great job site,  there are high chances of hearing “Monster.” With this website, you can conveniently find the candidate based on the needs of your job. In terms of price ratio to quality, it is the most balanced job board site. Every minute, almost 7900 job queries are entered on this site.

Important facts

  • To cover all the requirements of recruiters or employees, it has 3 pricing options. You can choose your preferred package as per your needs. 
  • Additionally, it also publishes your job ad to newspapers and its partner job sites in the USA. Finding the right candidate for your organization is not a complicated procedure anymore. 
  • Moreover, it caters to everyone’s needs. Whether you are full-time, temp, or freelance, you will find numerous opportunities. 
  • Job-seekers can get assistance regarding career advice, company profile, salary tools, and much more.

3. Indeed

Making a wise decision is very important when you want to invest in any job board website. This site grabs the eyeballs of millions of candidates each month. If you have posted any job vacancy on the site, it will definitely reach the right candidate. Founded in 2004, the website’s motive is to help candidates find jobs. Now, it has become one of the largest job board websites around the world.

Important facts

  • Indeed boasts 250 million users each month. 
  • There are 10 new job listings every second on the site. 
  • Both free and paid advertising options are available with Indeed. 
  • If you are seeking a job, it is completely free for you. Creating an account is not required. 
  • Indeed has a company review section where you can read genuine feedback about any company. 
  • The interface of Indeed is user-friendly and designed to make your work faster.

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4. Ladders

Another name in the list of top job boards in the USA would be Ladders. Comprising all necessary features, it was started in 2003. Presently, it serves as a networking platform, career newsroom, and job website. There are almost 25000+ verified users on the site to search for the star performer for their companies. It is a well-suited platform in highly competitive markets.

Important features

  • Ladders has a premium option, which is a $100K club. Through this option, there are almost negligible chances of missing out on the high-end talent. Therefore, it is renowned as “the home of $100K careers.” 
  • On Ladders, you will find job salary insights, resume review tools, and much more. 
  • The basic membership of the site is free of cost. If you want to buy a premium membership, there are multiple options for you. 
  • A paid subscription gives you access to receiving notifications regarding the job opening. 
  • Job listening on Ladders is for numerous sectors, such as human resources, industrial engineering, digital marketing, software engineering, finance, and data science. 

5. LinkedIn

A recruitment giant for job searchers, LinkedIn has an expansive reach. Basically, it is a professional social networking site, where you can easily connect with different recruiters or candidates. Founded in 2003, 810 million users are registered with it worldwide. Invest your time and effort in exploring the best opportunities available at the moment.

Important features

  • One of the main features it provides is great job listings. 
  • Secondly, it boosts your networking outreach. 
  • It serves as a social networking tool, a digital resume platform, and a database for open opportunities. 
  • Through LinkedIn, you can browse available options for free. 
  • It is one of the best sites to grow your professional network. Recruiters will connect with you on their own if your profile is well-optimized. 
  • It also has a premium membership, where you can find who visited your profile and other detailed insights.

6. FlexJobs

Fed up with trying to find the right opportunity for your career? Why don’t you try FlexJobs? Since its beginning in 2007, it has become very popular among remote job seekers. It is an ideal platform if you are looking for flexible and remote jobs. The website has multiple options according to your requirements. For one week, FlexJobs charges $9.95. You have to pay $24.95 for a one-month membership plan. There are plans for three months and a year. You can pick the one as per your needs.

Important features

  • From executive to entry-level, the website has over 50 categories. 
  • Members of FlexJobs get exclusive deals and discounts on services and products like Dell Laptops, QuickBooks, and professional career coaching. 
  • One of the best things about this incredible platform is its ad-free feature. You can save valuable time by using the site to find job opportunities. 
  • If you wish to browse options for free, then visit the sister site of FlexJobs, It is free to use, but the options will be less comparatively. 
  • Every job listing on the site is legitimate, which ensures users’ peace of mind.

7. CareerBuilder

Equipped with innumerable features and an extensible search engine, CareerBuilder is one of the most famous job sites in the USA. It has profiles of almost 125 million candidates in its database. The site has three plans for you, both yearly and monthly. Get your hands on the best-suited plan to avoid missing out on the best candidate and the right job.

Important features

  • CareerBuilder offers free integration services. It simply means that you will receive job applications via the Applicant Tracking System. 
  • There is a special tool known as Hire Insider Tool. By using this tool, you can check out a detailed report of how you can compete with other candidates. 
  • It comprises of recruitment resources and a resume database. Avail benefits of these features to make your resume stand out among others. 
  • For a temporary hiring plan, you also have the option to pay per job.

8. Nexxt

You may have known Nexxt by  its former name “Beyond.” It has revamped its name, but still, it is one of the best options for job searching in the USA. It connects you with an entire world of talents. It will also teach you the tactics that you can use to reach the right talent with no additional effort. It is designed in a way that will help recruiters target the right candidate quickly.

Important features

  • Nexxt has the largest network of job sites in America.
  • Use the multi-channel solutions of Nexxt to maximize the return on your investment. 
  • Nexxt is an easy-to-use platform where you can discover the best talent from its database. 
  • It also offers customizable technology and solutions for any kind of business. 
  • Achieve your hiring goals by using the strategy suggested by Nexxt.

9. Snagajob

Snagajob is basically an hourly staffing company, which is the largest in the United States. The site includes job ads from different companies so that recruiters can connect with the candidate in no time. Started in 2000, the site has 100 million registered job searchers. You have a great chance of finding the best talent due to its amazing candidate network.

Important features

  • With its easy-to-use interface and the number of listings, Snagajob is the best hourly work marketplace. 
  • Once you register with the site, you are entitled to receive an email regarding job openings. Snagajob will send the job that matches your interest. 
  • Snagajob posts hourly roles in different departments like sales, hospitality, food delivery, security, customer service, healthcare, and retail. 
  • Candidates can even filter those listings according to their requirements. 
  • For job seekers, there are no charges to use it.

10. USAJobs

Want to connect with a wider pool of candidates throughout the USA? Open USAJobs, and reach the best performer through a huge network. The site is a great place to publish job openings if you are from federal organizations. For the most urgent hiring need, there is no better choice than  USAJobs for the task. You can post or find jobs related to different domains like medical, engineering, mathematics, science, Human Resources, Technology, Business, etc.

Important features

  • USAJobs offers a unique hiring path to ease the recruitment process. 
  • There is an automated system that scans all resumes based on keywords you enter. 
  • After registering yourself with the site, you will receive job updates based on your interests. 
  • Recruiters can easily go through different resumes from its database. 
  • As different industries are covered on the site, the chances of getting the right opportunity are great.

Wrapping it up

Job board websites act as both databases and search engines. These sites can help candidates with getting the right opportunity and recruiters in finding the best candidate. Invest in your preferred site, and improve your business by getting the right candidate on board.