Find out why Social Media is a New Trend of Recruitment?

In this current age of fluctuating financial conditions, the recruitment strategy has turned out as e-recruitment. The focus of talent acquisition is progressively shifting from offline mode to online job boards now to social media channels. In fact, considering the global statistics of past few years the count of active fresher’s as well as experienced candidates are adopting of social media platform to exhibit their skills and Same goes with the recruiters and prospective employers for talent acquisition. Social media has become as an obvious and necessary choice for them to select & review candidates.

Social media networks are proven as an important part of present society. Almost, every age group is using social channels to connect with each other. Now, it’s not restricted to any specialized age group. Since, people are opting out social frames to get a job or to post a job. Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter are coming amongst the most-loved and widely accepted channels to connect/socialize with each other.

To trace the right talent even the HR industry permits the recruiters to leverage social media for wide class of job-openings. Every social media platform is specialized for its particular set of activities; they have their own side of story that needs to be in focus to get benefited for future. Let’s get some information about how job-seekers as well as recruiters can channelize their skills & expertise to get a right job/candidate.

  • Starting with Facebook, it’s the most popular social channel. It encompasses maximum count of active users in it. However, there is much more to tell more about in terms of HR industry. Here, recruiters can view their accounts, where they get to know more of its personal life, professional life, kind of interests and activities he/she is involved into that depicts the area of interest of a person. There are much many options Facebook has, like recruiters can create a recruiter’s page, and open to post endless positions from where they can easily gather lots of applications/resumes for the current job-opening. This is one of the easiest ways to collect information that will ultimately help recruiter in finding a right candidate for current opening and for job-seeker will get ample count of opportunities to progress in career.
  • LinkedIn is known to be a solely professional social media platform that let you connect and share profiles, globally. It enables its users to demonstrate their job-profiles, relevant experience and skills. LinkedIn facilitates its users to exhibit their resume in an info-graphic manner. Job-seekers can publish their social links, publications, video resumes and many more achievements they had till now. For jobseekers & recruiters, it’s the best platform to initiate from, after the traditional job-boards that are solely developed for professionals only. LinkedIn’s focus is to get professional information/expertise of the candidates on a global level. It permits them to get appeared or to be eligible for any job, regardless of its random geographic locations. Since, the website is intended as a professional site, it has already become the top-notch choice for job-seekers as well as recruiters, globally to filter the right candidate coating the desired experience and expertise.
  • Twitter, it’s known to be a micro-blogging website. Here, the users post messages and that has a limit of 140 characters or even lesser. These posting can also include photos, videos, and links of other sites to post on. The main weight-age is given to the usage of hash-tags, so that the posts can get a category. This categorization leads to refined search of any keyword or phrase. These posts are known as tweet or tweets. Professional use their pages to post the job-postings using hash tags. Job-seekers can search the type of jobs they are looking using the same hash tags.
  • Google+ is popular social media platform. It’s a highly recommended platform to go for, because of its dominance over the search engine world. Especially when you share any kind of information via Google+, it will automatically get incorporated into Google searches that will give you priority above any other channel. Here, you can incorporate your post with hash tags and write-up the requirement, which will become even more efficient and specific to your needs.

Now, we can easily look at how social media is continually growing and expanding its horizon.  It means HR officials are now looking forward for searching job candidates’ from social media sites. There are certain programs or modules that are specially designed to provide training to the current age recruiters in order to grab the desirable candidate. It is making the entire hiring process an effortless deal to draw the right talent. Job advertisements, info-graphic CVs and video resumes posted over the social channels gather much more attention. As it is only a matter of determining the efficient ways of how talent acquisition managers can make the most of social media to grab the desired candidate for them.

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