Bring your Hiring Team Together with Video Interviews

Bring your Hiring Team Together with Video Interviews

To ensure the physical presence of the hiring team, as well as candidates in one place, is the most complex part of a recruitment schedule. But, thankfully, technology has made the hiring process much more streamlined while providing an improved yet affordable solution for both interviewer and job seeker alike. Jobma , a Video interview software is one such technology, which has helped to alleviate hiring headaches of businesses. Through this technology, both the hiring team and candidates can virtually come together on a video interview platform, despite their presence at different locations.

As the recruiters have to deal with challenges of recruiting suitable candidates and finding talent, a video interview platform enables them to perform their responsibilities effectively. Video interviewing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of various sizes. This technology is especially useful in saving valuable time and resources of the recruiters and allowing them to engage in an effective virtual process to select and hire suitable candidates.

How video recruiting software can ease the hiring process?

With the help of a video recruiting software such as Jobma, companies can improve their hiring efficiency, save resources, and, most importantly can save themselves from a time-consuming and stressful face-to-face hiring schedule. Here is a look at the reasons why you should use video recruiting software:

Ease the coordination of the hiring team:
Video interview allows you to involve all your team members in the hiring process, regardless of their physical locations. They can all, at their convenience, view, rank, and comment on video recordings and then compare candidates. This method leads to a more transparent and collective hiring process and makes it simpler and quicker.

Alleviate scheduling burden:
Scheduling a face-to-face recruitment process has become like a Tetris puzzle. But, a Video interview tool relieves much of the headache associated with the face-to-face hiring process, as it allows the hiring team to interview candidates at different locations. This method also gives freedom to the recruiting team to watch the responses of the candidates, when it’s convenient to their schedule.

Reduce time in hiring-process:
Using a more efficient recruitment process is not only better for your company but is also mandatory in keep you ahead in technology from your competitors and save a significant amount of time in the hiring process.

Hence, there’s no doubt that Jobma is the way to go when it comes to improving and upgrading your recruitment process. It not only is helping companies to improve their hiring efficiency, but it also has become a mandatory recruiting platform for a hiring team, where everyone can share their views over a candidate without a physical presence. A video interview platform like Jobma gives liberty to the hiring team as well as a candidate to participate in an interview process at their convenience.

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