Behaviors That Are Sure to Keep You From Getting Hired

Behaviors That Are Sure to Keep You From Getting Hired

As a job seeker, finding a new job is stressful. Surprisingly enough, as a hiring manager, hiring a new employee is nearly as stressful. Do yourself a favor and stay away from some of these behaviors that make life difficult on hiring managers.

  • Applying for jobs that do not match your skill set:
    There is no purpose to spamming your resume or video resume all over the place to jobs you are not qualified for. It’s a sure fire way to get your resume thrown in the trash as quickly as it took you to send it there. The hiring manager is looking for the best possible candidates for the position, they are not likely to put their job on the line by taking a flyer on a random commodity.

  • Not following the instructions on the job posting:
    If the job posting asks you to please provide a written resume, video resume, cover letter, and salary requirements and you only send a video resume, expect to find that you are not going to be considered for this position. The ability to follow directions and show that you were paying attention is qualification number one. If you can’t follow initial instructions, how can employers trust you’ll be a quality employee?

  • Failing to research the company:
    You have your foot in the door, you are there for an interview, and you are not 100% sure what the company you are interviewing for does. That is where the interview ends. Prepare yourself! Do some simple research about the history of the company, what they have done recently, and who their customers are or might be.

  • Unprofessional interview behavior:
    Job seekers who arrive late, dress sloppy or inappropriate for the setting and are unprepared to answer standard questioning will not get hired. This is a poor way to represent yourself, especially if you plan on applying for a different position within the same company.

  • Complaining about previous employment:
    Being overly critical about your previous employer and employees can instantly paint you in a bad light. A hiring manager could assume you were a problem and could be a liability in a new role. That is an easy way to disqualify yourself. Find ways of explaining your reasons for wanting to leave your current position without resorting to petty claims, regardless of their validity.
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