Why You Should Use a Video Interview Platform | Jobma

Why You Should Use a Video Interview Platform | Jobma

Video interview software streamlines your recruitment process and improves collaboration between the hiring managers and recruiters that channel a better hiring decision. It helps you select the right-fit talent for the position working remotely. Are you tired of interviewing people on the telephone and wasting your valuable time on odd-fit candidates? If yes! Integrating a video interviewing software could help you escape from the hectic one-by-one screening and brings recruitment automation to your talent acquisition department. With Jobma video interviewing platform, you can scan applicants in detail and analyze their capabilities such as soft skills and non-verbal communication from afar before calling them in for an in-person interview and saving time and budget for travel. Using digital technology, you can automatically post your jobs on online portals and send an auto-reminder for the interview.

In addition, you can record unlimited interviews of the candidates that make hiring evidence-based, comprehensive, and more tech-savvy than ever. Not only this, you can leave feedback, review, score the candidate’s responses, and share it with your colleagues and experts just in a single click using Jobma ATS feature and make hiring more innovative, faster, and more affordable.

Why should you integrate video screening software in your HR team?

Why should you integrate video screening software in your HR team?

Are you stuck in traditional interviewing methods and looking for technological updates in your HR tool kit? If so! Jobma comes up with cutting-edge interviewing features that make your hiring advance, automated, and effective than ever. Whether you are running a full-fledged enterprise or have just launched a new start-up, video interviewing software helps you connect to worldwide applicants, engage with them, and find suitable talent for the position through a virtual platform. In this post, we’ll count on reasons for integrating a digital hiring platform into your talent acquisition team:

Increases recruiters’ outreach:

A digital hiring technology allows recruiters to expand their recruitment zone beyond geographical boundaries and select the best-fit talent for the position working remotely. Using a video screening platform, you can easily participate in an interview process from wherever and whenever you want. It makes the recruitment process flexible and helps recruiters create a talent pipeline from across the world.

Interview customization option:

A video interviewing platform like Jobma allows recruiters to customize interview parameters based on needs and job posts and foster a more fabulous interviewing experience than traditional recruitment practices. You can alter Time Taken, Answer Length, Number of Takes, Interview Questions Kit, and many other parameters in an interview schedule and improve chances to select star talent for the position.

Brings recruitment automation:

Integration of a video interview software helps you escape from a real-time interview when candidates are recording responses and makes the interview asynchronous. Besides, all the leading video interview tools, including Jobma offer advanced ATS integration features to its customers, making it easy to streamline the interview process, share candidate’s details fast, and track recruiters’ job boards. You can screen millions of candidates simultaneously and select the most suitable candidates automatically using advanced digital technology. It helps you record unlimited interviews and use it to compare a candidate from the rest.

Reduces per hire cost:

With the help of a video recruiting tool, you can scan applicants in detail before investing in travel and stay and save time and money for businesses. Not only this, you can reduce interview rounds and time by not less than 40% and save much investment on the company on the recruitment process without compromising the quality of hire.

Promotes employer’s branding:

Video interviewing software ensures an Omni-platform exposure to your job vacancies, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition, you can make your company’s logo, color theme, tagline, and values visible among worldwide applicants that provide exposure to your brand on a global platform. Over the years, social media has emerged as a powerful medium of employer branding. Jobma ensures the vibrant visibility of your company among applicants and establishes your brand as a tech-savvy organization.

Above, we have listed some prominent reasons why you should opt for a video interviewing tool in your HR team. Which reason suits you the most? If you have not yet integrated a digital interviewing tool into your talent acquisition team, opt for Jobma. It offers free video interviewing services to its potential customers and provides top-notch recruiting features.