Video Resumes: The Importance of Audio

Video Resumes: The Importance of Audio

When utilizing a video resume it is of utmost importance to speak clearly and audibly. Here are some small, yet exceptionally important, errors to avoid when recording your video resume.

  • Being too Loud – Nobody likes to feel like their being yelled at. Make sure the volume of your video reflects your natural volume level when having a face-to-face conversation. They need to be able to hear you speak without having their ears blown off. Not testing the volume level before sharing your video makes you appear unprepared or apathetic. Listen to your video multiple times before uploading and sharing it.

  • Being too Quiet* – If I can’t hear you in the first few seconds of the video, I’m going to stop watching it. What’s the point of a video resume if I can’t hear you? (Hint: There isn’t one.) You’re using this as a means of promoting yourself as a suitable candidate for a job. If you are not confident enough to speak audibly I’ll question your ability to perform. If you’re simply too far away from the microphone to be heard I’ll question your competence. Video resumes are a way to highlight your skills, not your deficits. *Side note: Ever seen Bad Lip Reading? Without sound people can try to read your lips… and trust me, that will end badly (hilariously).

  • Background noise – Take the time to ensure that your video does not contain any distracting background noise. You need to be the center of attention in this video, not the train passing, baby crying, or dog barking in the background.

One general rule of thumb, mentioned above, that will easily save you from these blunders is listening to your video before uploading and sharing it. Your appearance in this video is important, but not as important as the story you’re telling. Don’t let an issue with your audio detract from the benefits of your video resume.

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