Applying for Jobs Out of College in the Digital Age

Applying for Jobs Out of College in the Digital Age

Finding a job has changed radically for college graduates in the 21st Century. It requires more than simply picking up a newspaper and browsing through the classified ads. That method worked in earlier generations. In the digital age, finding employment means using the latest technological tools available for job seekers.

It starts with creating a resume that will get you noticed among a sea of applicants. There are many directions you can go when creating a resume for a job. One of the best options is putting together a video pitch to accompany your resume.

Video resumes give job seekers the opportunity to showcase their personalities and soft skills, things that are hard to capture in a written job resume. Using a video resume format lets a job seeker show intangible skills relevant to the job in question such as positivity, confidence, motivation, and verbal communication to recruiters or hiring managers. Video resumes are also able to be updated in real time with a job candidate’s latest achievements.

Building a strong online presence via social media is another great way to get an interview with the best companies in the digital age. Now you have unlimited digital real estate in which to spread out and show the world your unique combination of talents. No longer are you restricted to the few carefully carved-out words that can fit on a resume.

Traditional applications and resumes are quickly becoming as relevant as the VCR and the record player. Making a digital upgrade to an online resume is the best piece of self-marketing you can do. 21st century technology truly allows a job seeker to market themselves to companies and open the doors to better career opportunities.

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