Video Resume Strategizing

Video Resume Strategizing

If you’ve kept up with reading this blog, then you’re already familiar with the power of soft skills in determining your success in the job search world. As a recap to new followers: it turns out that soft skills are just as important—and sometimes more important—in determining if you’ll land that job. After all, employers typically receive dozens of job seekers that look well-qualified on their paper resumes. What will separate these candidates from one another, then, are their soft skills.

The soft skills that you’ll want to most emphasize in your video resume, however, will depend on the position you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying to be a second grade school teacher, you’ll need to come across very differently than if you were applying to be a new car salesman. For the former, you’ll need to portray yourself as a calm, patient, and approachable person that can get along well with kids. For the latter, however, you’ll need to portray a confident, convincing, high-achieving, and somewhat more intense personality. Do you see the difference?

So before you start creating your video resume, try taking some time in order to brainstorm a list of all of your soft skills. From there, highlight the ones that you believe will be most influential in you getting the job you’re applying for. As you’re creating different takes of your video resume, then, you’ll be able to use this list as a set of criteria that can help you determine which video resume best captures you as the best possible candidate for the position at hand.

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