Jobma and Video Resumes: The Answer to all of the Employer’s Hiring Dilemmas

Jobma and Video Resumes: The Answer to all of the Employer’s Hiring Dilemmas

Not only are video resumes an incredibly useful tool to help end a job search dry spell for job seekers, but they are also a very resourceful platform for employers as well. Here’s an introduction to the many advantages that Jobma has to offer you and your company:

  • Jobma video resumes save you money. Lots of money.
    According to a blog post by TalentRooster, Wal-Mart has saved $5.3 million from 2011 to 2012 by adopting video resume technology. Because the hiring managers can screen candidates through their video resumes, the need for a preliminary round of first interviews is eliminated. With that, the cost of hotels, taxis, and plane ticket costs involved in first interviews are also eliminated.

  • Jobma video resumes save you valuable time.
    As an employer, how many times have you shook the hand of the person you are about to interview and immediately known that he or she wouldn’t be a good fit for your company? Of course, you politely interview the candidate anyway, which costs you around thirty minutes or more of both your time and the applicant’s time. These are thirty minutes that you could have saved by watching the applicant’s video resume. By having access to the applicants’ video resumes, you will easily be able to screen candidates for soft skills that are essential to success in a given job position.

  • Jobma video resumes let you see a range of soft skills in seconds.
    Through video resumes, you’ll have direct access to a set of skills that may be even more important than hard skills for certain job positions. Examples of soft skills a video resume can show include communication skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, motivation, and positive attitude. Check out this infographic about soft skills versus hard skills.

  • Jobma video resumes help create better employee-employer fits.
    By having access to applicants’ video resumes, you’ll make a more informed and confident decision about the applicants you choose to bring in for an interview. With that, the pool of applicants you make your final selection from will be closer to your ideal employee. Also, according to an article by, employers who use video technology as a part of their hiring process have a higher employee retention rate than employers who don’t.

This list provides only an overview of the most basic and fundamental benefits of Jobma’s video resume technology. If you’re an employer, request a free demo today to learn about all of the advantages that Jobma can provide for you and your company.

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