Employers: Is Video Interviewing Right for You?

Employers: Is Video Interviewing Right for You?

Video interviewing: It sounds catchy, modern, and revolutionized. But is it really worth the investment? For those employers who are not yet convinced, check out these benefits of utilizing a video interviewing platform in your hiring process:

  • Video interviewing allows you to really understand what a job candidate is all about. Did you know that 90% of text resumes have the same words, format, and content? (source: Resoomay) The process of writing a resume has become quite standardized, as job seekers can now utilize pre-made resume templates and even look up the most relevant keywords for their desired industry. With so many similar and standardized resumes, then, how are employers supposed to be able to spot the “right” candidate? This is where video interviewing comes in. By adding video interviewing to your pre-screening process, you can easily and conveniently have a more complete understanding of each job candidate. That is, you’ll have a more authentic and genuine picture of the individual, instead of simply a list of their background experience and skills.

  • Saving some cash? Not a bad idea. How many times has a job candidate walked in for an interview at your office and you were able to tell, within the first minute, that this individual would not be a good fit for your company? Perhaps it was something about the individual’s attitude, personality, or professionalism. As a polite and professional employer, however, you continued to conduct the interview regardless. Had you used video interviewing, you would have been able to save those 30 minutes!

  • Studies are showing that soft skills are key. In fact, a recent study found that 67% of HR managers would rather hire administrative staff with strong soft skills even if their technical skills were lacking (source: Admin Crossing). With video interviewing, you have access to viewing job seekers’ personality, confidence, charisma, attitude, motivation, and a host of other soft skills. With how important these attributes are, video interviewing offers the key to efficient and effective hiring.

This list only serves to give you a starting point into considering the addition of video interviewing to your current hiring process. In other words, the benefits go way beyond what has been mentioned here!

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