Tips to Stepping Up Your Video Interviewing Game

Tips to Stepping Up Your Video Interviewing Game

If you’ve never done a video interview before, the concept may seem slightly intimidating and nerve-racking. I know it did for me! However, with a little practice and by understanding the tips to success, you’ll be able to give your job search a competitive edge with this tool. Check out these tips below:

  • Identify concepts to talk about – not a script!
    I know that my initial instinct was to write a script for the questions I would be answering in my video responses. Although this initially sounded like a fantastic idea to me, looking back, I now know that this wasn’t the best strategy. Every time I would forget my scripted lines, I would panic and not know what to say. Instead, try brainstorming about the concepts and topics you would like to discuss. This offers a much more strategic approach. This way, you’ll be able to have a general idea of what you’re going to talk about without the added pressure of needing to remember memorized lines.

  • Suit up!
    Although this interview is taking place in a comfortable location of your choice and at a convenient time for you, that does not mean that you can treat it informally. You still need to dress the way you would for an interview. This means that a business suit is your best option. In addition, make sure you are well-groomed and wearing your hair and make-up professionally, if applicable.

  • Look at the web camera.
    Yes, you are not able to make physical eye contact with your potential employer. Yes, this may feel awkward. But again, you need to treat this like an actual interview. This means that you should make eye contact with the web camera in the same way that you would make eye contact with an interviewer.

  • Be aware of the details.
    This is a very broad and general tip, but there are many, many things to consider when you’re conducting your video interview. Do you have a habit of cracking your knuckles or tapping the table? Well, these noises will be picked up by the camera and could make for a very distracting video interview. Additionally, do you have a bad habit of making wild hand gestures when you’re nervous? That’s fine, but be sure that your hands are not being recorded within the camera frame.

  • Practice, practice, practice!
    As with everything in life, practice makes perfect. Whatever you do, do not try to “wing it.” Take a practice question before beginning so that you can adjust audio, the camera frame, that awkward piece of hair sticking out, or whatever else you may notice as you watch your practice response.

Good luck to all of those job seekers with an upcoming video interview! If you have any other helpful tips and tricks, please comment below.

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