Employers: Are you making the most of your video interviews?

Employers: Are you making the most of your video interviews?

For every video interview question you add, that’s one more video response that you need to review. Yes, this statement is quite obvious, but it’s also easy to forget until you’ve collected a massive amount of video responses and realize that you need to sort through them. So to make the most of the questions you decide to ask, try using these top video interviewing questions:

  • What do you know about this company and why are you interested?

    This question is a gem because you will not be able to find the answers to it located within the job candidate’s resume or job seeker profile. Moreover, it’s a very important question to ask because it can not only tell you about the job seeker’s personality, but it will also allow you to understand what sorts of tasks and projects excite this individual and how much time this job seeker has invested into researching your company. It goes without saying that no employer wants a job seeker that dreads going to work every day.

  • What do you see as your top assets in being considered for this position?

    You obviously have access to the job candidate’s text resume already. As such, you can read for yourself what the individual has accomplished and is capable of accomplishing. However, it’s important to understand how the job seeker views himself. Does he consider his hard skills to be his most important skills? Is he able to identify the strengths he has that would make him a good fit for the position? This will give you good insight into how well the candidate understands the demands of the position and how confident he feels in being able to succeed with these tasks.

  • Describe a recent project you were tasked with and explain how you completed it.

    The answer to this question offers a lot of information about the work ethic and work style of the candidate. It is also a more strategic way to get this information and avoids you from falling back on obvious-to-answer questions, such as asking the candidate if he is a hard worker or if he can complete projects independently. When reviewing the answer, key things to listen for will be the strategy involved in completing the project, how roadblocks were handled, how quickly the project was completed, and the final outcome of the project.

These are only three video interviewing questions to consider utilizing in your next job post; there are obviously several more. Despite which questions you decide to use, the important thing to remember is that you’ll want to use these questions to dig deeper and get information that is not readily available by simply looking at the job seeker’s text resume. Make the most of these questions! And focus on quality instead of quantity.

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