Seriously Though, Why Video?

Seriously Though, Why Video?

Sure, creating a video resume can take a bit more time and effort than simply updating your text resume. Is it really worth the time and energy to write a script, get dolled up, and find a location to shoot (and re-shoot) this video? One of the foundations of Jobma as a platform rests on the fact that video is much more compelling and enticing than text. If you’ve browsed the website, that will be clear to you. But where’s the proof? How important really is it that I utilize video?

To answer that question, it’s very important. According to an article by Jeff Bullas, you can find your evidence by taking a look at Facebook’s top 10 brand pages. Within these pages, video content is shared or posted 1,200 percent more times than text content and hyperlinks combined! Furthermore, Bullas reports that visual content is liked 200 percent more times than text content.

Still not convinced? Well, Bullas also reported that video and visual content on Pinterest drive more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and Google+ combined! That’s pretty remarkable.

Upon learning this information, I started to wonder what specifically about video makes it this attractive. The following are just a few reasons why (source: Mojolife Sara):

  • Humans are interested in other humans.
    Naturally, we are wired to be curious about others and what they have to say. How many of you eavesdrop on the bus? I know I do. But think about how many times you have peaked over someone’s shoulder to follow along in the book they were reading. I would bet it doesn’t happen as frequently.

  • Video provides a more powerful form of communication.
    Think about it. Which affects you more: a commercial showing homeless dogs that need your help or an email stating that there are homeless dogs that need your help? The commercial, of course! You can hear the sadness in the narrator’s voice. You can see the puppy dog eyes looking up into the camera. What you hear and what you see strengthen the core of the message.

  • Video is more informative.
    Think about the homeless dog commercial. It can show you what the dogs look like, what the shelter looks like and where it is, as well as provide an emotional picture of homeless dogs on the street. This cannot be provided so easily through text. Now think about your video resume. It can show employers how you carry yourself, how you communicate, how professionally you dress, and how charismatic and confident you are. Again, all things that text cannot show.

  • Video is simply fun, entertaining, and more relaxing than text.
    Think about all of the times that your middle school teacher announced that you’d be watching a movie in class that day. If your peers were anything like mine, they were fist pumping and smiling at this announcement. Video provided a break from textbook reading. We could just sit back and soak in the information from the video.

For more information on the power of video, look for a Jobma infographic coming out this September. We also have our own video about this topic that will be released on very soon. In the mean time, visit the site to create your free job seeker account and start your video resume creation today.

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