Pre-recorded Interview Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

Pre-recorded Interview Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

In this time, when most of the cities are under complete or partial lockdown, pre-recorded video interview has come out as the only option for recruiters to continue hiring and maintain businesses workflow working remotely. Through a pre-recorded interview, the hiring managers can record the interview questions once for all, remotely. And the candidates can respond to the interview questions from afar, sitting at their home or café.

 A Pre-recorded video interview makes the recruitment process much more convenient for the candidates and recruiters. But before the candidates start recording responses to interview questions, we recommend that they practice how to record effective responses in a set amount of time and with limited retake attempts.

Pre-recorded interview also brings automation into a hiring process, helps recruiters to screen a lot for candidates at the same time and shortlists the most deserving talent for in-person interviews, which makes hiring comprehensive and improves business’s ability to perform. Here for your convenience, we are mentioning some tips which help you master a pre-recorded interview.

Be yourself and behave as if you are in an in-person interview: Make sure you have done detailed research about the company before participating in the interview process and providing any information about the company in your response to the interview questions.

Dress up well to impress, but appropriately: Don’t record your interview in a casual way. While recording answers, you should keep in mind that you are facing the real interview. Maintain eye contact with the camera and answer the questions with a smiling face. Imagine that you are talking to a person.

Rehearse before recording and deliver your best ever:  Practice as much as you can before recording answers, carefully construct and compose your answers and finally go through a practice run. Record yourself answering and play preview before you finally submit the responses. Keep in mind that You don’t need to read your answers word for word. Rather you need to add confidence and personality to what you are saying. Hence, you should record your responses in bullet points that help you add all the necessary points in limited time and words. 

Don’t be in a hurry and take your time: Precise, clear and concise communication is an important element for effective interviewing. You need to listen to your interviewer carefully and find out the best response to the question to impress them. It will enhance the chance to showcase your skills and expertise going beyond what you have mentioned in your CV.

Choose a recording place having soothing and clear background: Background plays a vital role in a video recording. Avoid brimming and loaded background so that the interviewer can concentrate on you fully, rather distracting from the messy background. A calm genuinely lit up, and peaceful background compels interviewers to concentrate on your answers, which ultimately improves your selection chances.

Avoid bad posture or habits: Cracking figures, playing with your hair or looking here and there while the interview process may send a message to the interviewers that you are not serious about the interview and wasting their valuable time, which impacts negatively on your chances of hiring. So, we suggest you maintain a decent body posture throughout the interview and answer with a smiling face.

Remember that you are communicating with a prospective employer, so be as professional as you can and look relaxed.

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