I Can’t Get an Interview…WHY?

I Can’t Get an Interview…WHY?

Job applications have been filled out and submitted, and you’ve been waiting by the phone for an invitation to interview. But you haven’t received one call from prospective employers, and you’re still without a job. Yet, other people you know are applying for jobs, securing interviews and getting hired. What could they possibly be doing that you’re not?

Making the cut from application to interview can come down to issues as simple as your spelling or as important as your background. Even if you submit a resume online, that piece of paper or page of information on a computer screen results in the first impression you make with a potential employer. To receive a call to interview, you must make a first impression that says “I’m worth your time and could be an asset to your company.” Use these tips to make that impression and land an interview.

Tips for Landing an Interview
  • Spell correctly and use good grammar within your resume and cover letter.

  • When filling out an application or dropping off a resume in-person, dress professionally. At the very least, khaki pants and a nice shirt; even if the employees are wearing jeans.

  • Consider a more non-traditional approach. Accompanying your written resume with a video resume is a great way to showcase your soft skills. Video resumes allow employers to see you and get an idea of your personality…it’s almost like a preliminary interview.

  • Make sure your application is complete! If the employer asks for a resume, cover letter, examples of work, etc., make sure you include each component. If for some reason you do not have something they’ve requested, acknowledge that you did not include it with a short explanation as to why it is not there.

  • Check back; go the extra mile to let the employer know you’re interested.

Following these steps will increase your chance of landing that coveted interview. Once you do, plan to dress professionally, make eye contact and be enthusiastic. As challenging as it can be to convey interest and enthusiasm on a resume, it’s possible and will help you get the interview that leads to being hired.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Land your Dream Job!

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