A Look at the Future of Hiring

A Look at the Future of Hiring

More and more you’re going to hear this piece of job-hunting advice: don’t write a resume.

Throwing away the resume might not be the right move for everyone. You can still find a very good job with a resume, but it’s getting harder and harder to find a great one. The future of hiring depends on so much more than your resume. Here are a few things that will help you more than any resume:

A Body of Work

We don’t really have portfolios anymore, in the traditional sense. Rather, we have a series of links to our work throughout the web. If you don’t have work that you can link to, then a resume isn’t going to help you to overcome that. A resume is just a list of qualifications that you don’t have, by way of omission. A resume can be a reason not to hire you. A body of work is a reason to hire you.

A Specialty

If a recruiter is looking for someone to design a lo-fi website to look like a 1995 AOL member’s page, they’re going to look for someone who specializes in lo-fi websites. If a company is hiring someone to design a new blender, they’re going to pursue someone with new ideas on blenders, not a generalist. The Internet allows us to search millions of qualified people, so have a qualification that people are specifically looking for.


Initiative is important in today’s job market. Employers want people who will bring new ideas to the table, not mere cogs to plug into the machine. If you can take the initiative, you have an edge over other candidates. Including a video resume along with your written resume is a great way to demonstrate this sort of soft skill (along with the others)!

Because of the competition that we have to contend with in today’s job market, it’s simply not enough to be competent anymore. You have to stand out as a champion!

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