5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Human Resources

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Human Resources

Artificial intelligence is quickly making its way into many industries. The recruitment industry has already started integrating AI into its hiring process to automate workflow and improve productivity. With AI, the recruiter has better tools to source the applicants.

Most organizations are slowly adopting these advanced technologies to their HR team. It is gradually transforming the recruitment industry by managing, analyzing, and predicting to assist HR in making the best decisions. Check out this guide to inserting AI into your workflow:

Improve Engagement Levels with AI-Integrated Chatbot

AI-built chatbots help in offering a natural and human-like conversation to the users. It aims to improve engagement with the employees by providing them with relevant feedback. The company can also analyze these conversations to target the employee’s concerns.

One of the benefits of utilizing these AI-integrated chatbots is that they provide an understanding of obstructions in the workspace. When the HR managers work towards resolving such concerns, it shows the employees that they are heard in the workplace.

Transfer Candidate’s CV Details into Smart Digital Forms

The HR team has to connect with candidates to properly assess their skills and knowledge. Adding artificial intelligence into the mix will help recruiters increase their hiring speed to offer a seamless experience to the candidates.

Most of the time, the candidates are asked to fill out a certain number of forms before moving forward with the company. The process is tedious and time-consuming, which affects a candidate’s experience.

With the assistance of AI, the recruiters can collect information from the candidate’s resume and transfer it onto smart digital forms. This data can be easily stored to complete any future forms to avoid imposing repetitive tasks on the applicants.

Artificial Intelligence Boosts Effectiveness of Employee Training

Hiring a new employee comes with the responsibility of training. AI-integrated training software can bring a significant boost to the training process. It personalizes the learning program and helps employees learn at their own pace.

The AI-equipped program discovers an employee’s strengths and weaknesses from their progress. Such data proves helpful for HR managers to train new hires successfully. AI-enabled training software will offer a seamless learning experience.

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Automation of Repetitive Tasks will Boost HR’s Productivity

Automation in the recruitment industry has already become quite popular. Adding AI helps take over the smaller and bigger recruitment tasks to make valuable changes in the hiring process.

With such tasks out of the way, the HR team will have more time to focus on improving recruitment strategies, engagement, workplace environment, and employee feedback. The AI-enabled automation has helped some companies to reduce the time to hire by 90%.

Empower Workforce Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Workforce analytics analyze employee data to offer detailed workforce performance measurement. This allows HR managers to detect the changes in the workplace that affect the employee’s performance. AI-enabled workforce analytics will assist with:

  • Identifying the areas in need of improvement
  • Discovering the factors affecting employee engagement
  • Help in identifying and preparing the future leaders

Leveraging the workforce data ensures that the HR managers will make better decisions to boost the company’s success. HR professionals can then predict the problems and resolve them before they happen.


The recruitment industry has seen several changes due to artificial intelligence. At present, there are already many AI-based features, which are being improved, along with many new features in the making. Skipping out on these advancements today, will only set you further behind in the future.

AI programs such as Jobma won’t replace your employees, but rather empower them to become more task-focused. Trying out different recruitment tools will help automate the hiring process to improve candidate experience and hiring quality.