5 Crazy Job Search Tactics

After many months of a fruitless job search, you may feel like giving up. There is a ton of competition for all of the jobs you are applying to. Get noticed by trying one of these unconventional job search tips, or try all five of them.

  • Meet the Employer: Find out where the employers at the company for which you wish to work eat lunch and hang out. Frequent those establishments. Hang out at the bar, strike up conversations and if you are persistent but polite you may land that job interview.
  • Social Media: Utilize social media in the job search. If you want to work for Mr. B., find him on Linkedin or FaceBook. See what his hobbies and interests are, and use that information when applying to jobs. For example, if Mr. B. is a fan of tennis, you may end your cover letter, “The ball’s in your court!”
  • Personal Branding: Creating your own personal brand is really just putting your best foot forward in social media. If you want to be hired as a restaurant manager, you will want to create profiles on social media sites that highlight your interest in food and wine, human resources, and the restaurant industry. When applying for jobs, provide potential employers with links to your profiles.
  • Google Ads: On the CNN Career Builder website, Kaitlin Madden writes about Alec Brownstein, who purchased online ads to appear when his target employer “Googled” himself. $6 later, he had a job.
  • Video Resume: When contacting potential employers via email, attach a video pitch along with your written resume. Talk about yourself and your interest in the company in a conversational manner. This is a great way to showcase your soft skills that don’t show through as easily on paper!
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