Top Five Features of Jobma Video Interview Software

Top Five Features of Jobma Video Interview Software

Video interview software helps recruiters to screen candidates quickly, connect them to many candidates remotely, and set up asynchronous interviews. Over the years, hiring industries are shifted hiring activities to a digital platform and made recruitment automated.

Top Five Features of Jobma Video Interview Software

Jobma video recruiting software enables recruiters to post jobs on online portals, send automatic interview reminders to candidates, and screen them remotely for the final round of interview.

Jobma charges just $1 per interview and offers quality services to its clients. It helps the recruiters to quickly screen and review candidates from anywhere they want.

The cross-platform compatibility makes Jobma an easy-to-use virtual tool for the clients since it is also available in App format, which you can operate through your mobile devices. It lets the candidates answer interview questions from anywhere at any time remotely.

Top five features of Jobma video interviewing platform

Jobma provides you with top-notch services at an affordable price of just $1 per interview. It is easy to use for the clients and improves the ability to hire remotely. It offers a free demo to its potential clients which makes Jobma an easy-to-access interview tool for the clients. Here let’s see some essential features of Jobma:

Shorten hiring schedule:

Jobma helps the recruiter to send an automated email to the candidates and align with recruiters throughout the interview remotely. And save resources in the hiring logistics.

Improve collaboration among hiring stakeholders:

Jobma brings all the hiring stakeholders on one single virtual platform and align them to achieve a goal of quality hiring. It also enables the hiring managers to share candidates review with the experts and seek their review in remotely.

Makes interview asynchronous:

Jobma doesn’t need the recruiters and candidates to join in a real-time in person interview as they can execute their part in an interview from anywhere remotely. It makes the interview process fast, accurate and cost-effective.

Option to customize interview features:

Jobma One Way Video Interview offers recruiters the option to customize the interview functionality such as Think Time, Answer Length, Number of Takes, and many others, which improve the quality of hire and help recruiters to select a best-fit candidate for the position.

Makes the hiring automated:

Jobma one-way interview platform is designed to screen a lot of candidates shortly and review the candidate’s responses from anywhere remotely. It introduces ATS integration system and many other high-tech and automated interviewing features to a hiring team to improve their ability to hire.

These are the top five features of Jobma, that make it popular among businesses of all sizes.  Jobma charges just $1 per interview and provides an easy to use automated services to recruiters. If you are also looking for recruiting software to boost your hiring team’s efficiency, opt for Jobma.

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