The One Thing Keeping You From Getting a Job

The One Thing Keeping You From Getting a Job

When you’re feeling down about being unemployed or frustrated with not being able to find your next opportunity, it can be easy to slip into the habit of having a negative outlook. In addition to that, throw in the fact that you’ve been rejected by the last three employers you interviewed for. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and helpless, thinking that you must not be good enough to get a job and that you’ll never get to the end of your job search road.

Although I understand how frustrating this process can be and how easy it is to feel insecure when you’re up against a large pool of talented candidates, this kind of mindset is extremely harmful to your job search. If you feel insecure and not confident about your professional abilities, an employer will easily be able to detect this! If you can’t convince yourself that you’re a valuable employee, how are you going to be able to convince an employer that you’re worth hiring? The one thing keeping you from getting a job, then, is your inability to know, understand, and portray just how valuable you are.

Know your worth and be confident in your abilities. Yes, this is a vital component of being able to interview successfully, but how do you accomplish this? To start, make a list of all of the projects you have successfully completed, tasks in which you excelled beyond your expectations, and stories from your previous positions that you’re especially proud of. As you write these down, also make a note of why these accomplishments are significant and how they impacted the company.

Before you get overwhelmed and discouraged, let me clarify that even small accomplishments are significant. Everyone has a list of their successes; it’s just a matter of realizing and uncovering them. For example, perhaps you are a customer service representative. Yesterday, you calmly spoke with and assisted one of your company’s current clients that was incredibly unhappy. You were able to speak with management, offer a discount and a promise to do better that made the client happy, and essentially save the client from leaving. Perhaps it merely seems like you were “just doing your job.” Wrong. You were excelling at your job. You were being successful and accomplished. This example should go on your list, noting that you saved the company from losing several thousands of dollars from this client.

Once you start thinking of examples of your successes, thinking positively about your worth and value will start to come more naturally. Try practicing this type of brainstorming exercise before your interviews. It will get you in the mindset to be ready to confidently explain to an employer why you are worthy of being hired.

If you are looking for additional ways to show off your confidence and worth, consider creating a video resume. A video resume can capture not only your technical and hard skills, but also offer a glimpse of your confidence, attractive personality, and other soft skills. Visit Jobma to sign up for a free job seeker account and make a video resume today!

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