The Importance of Proofreading Resumes (and Other Fun Facts)

recruiting infographicWe all know that job searching can be a tough process, especially for those new to the professional arena. Luckily, there’s enough insider information out there to give job seekers a heads up on how to best approach their search. The infographic to the right is filled with statistics about how much time hiring professionals view your CV and what mistakes will quickly get you the boot.

Though I’m sure you’ve heard all about how little time recruiters spend on each resume, and how important it is to have it proofread, these numbers really put it into perspective. Don’t simply read your resume over yourself, have someone (preferably someone who cares about you) scan it for mistakes as well. Little mistakes make you seem careless and unprofessional, and are easily missed if you’ve read over your resume multiple times. With 250 other resumes to go through, recruiters won’t have a second thought about tossing yours out, so go the extra mile to ensure that it’s perfect.

Now that it’s been drilled into your head that there are countless other applicants vying for the same position as you are, and that recruiters are trying to find a reason to get rid of your resume, it’s time to differentiate yourself. Create a video resume. Doing so will instantly grant you more of the recruiter’s time, highlight your soft skills, and make you more memorable. What more could you possibly want? Give yourself more depth, show off who you are, and stand out from that seemingly endless stack of resumes.

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